If you are living in the South East Area region, you may have noticed that the weather is pretty sad for landscapes recently…

In Singapore, for the past week, it have been either raining in the afternoon or the skies gets covered by the dark clouds. You can probably say that those sunset shooters can take a break this week…

Well, I was trying to test my luck (which usually still sucks) with the weather by going for some IR cityscapes when the skies have yet to get dark. But didn’t manage to get any decent sunlight when I reached the location.

When I’m almost about to return home, I bump into a friend who was in the area shooting with a model (both hobbyist). Initially I didn’t want to join in the shoot since I’m not the ‘official’ photographer, but eventually decided to join in the shoot after being ‘invited’ in for support :p

Just sharing a couple of shots I can get before the sun sets that day..
* All shot with ambient light only, since I’m actually not even planning to have model shoot.. With me is just my sets of filters, 17-40 and 70-200.. I think there isn’t a need to think which lens I will be using for the shots below if you have seen most of my other cosplay shoots*

When the sun is still pretty high up..

KellyThe light starts to get interesting when the sun start to set.

KellyUsing the sun as fill light and the whole of the MBS as a reflector for the sun that make the water shine

KellyBut all those shots have to be captured quickly as the sun sets pretty fast.

An accidental shot. This was actually shot after the sun sets… But due to a bad mistake, my ISO shot to 12800, and the result turns out quite interesting. So I just continued it… *But I’m definitely not be delivering photos for my paying clients at 12800 for large prints. But for smaller prints and web uploads, I will say that it’s still decent to a certain extent.*

For now, I just have to pray for better weather in the coming week. Getting a rainy afternoon day after day is really sickening…

*Will be returning to cosplay shoot after a few months rest from my last one. But I’ll just be toning down the gears I’m bringing along as well as other stuffs…*