A short break…

I had not been actively shooting(and blogging) for quite some time already…. (especially after the Iceland trip), and no thanks to a series of continuous rainy weekends.

It was only not long ago that I had seen the better weekends. Being stuck indoors for many weekends due to the bad weather makes me want to just go out and take some fresh air.

The first place I wanted to go is, back into the Flower dome.
5D3_3566They have changed the Xmas theme to a Asian theme…

It was also a good time for me to play with my macro lens which was in the dry cabinet for quite some time. Really had quite a fun time using this lens and exploring the max magnification I can go to (when stacked with Raynox 250). Not that I will be shooting at those beyond 1:1 distance, but just for the fun of it…

Didn’t manage to shoot alot during then as the sun was setting and I want to get into position for Sunset.

From the start, shooting wasn’t really my main intention of taking a stroll outside. Unlike in the past where I rushed from point to point, I took a slow walk (even stopping at some spot to enjoy the cool breeze) to the sunset position.. Slowing down the pace does help to refresh the mind up.

Upon reaching the “usual” sunset spot, I just down there and wait….Another sunset


Nothing exceptionally spectacular. Just a day for me to take my eyes off the computer screen and take things slow.

Come to think of it, days like this is really important… to relax the mind. I will probably want to have more of such days when possible. Let’s see how it goes then…



AFA 2014


Just a few days ago, it was the AFA Singapore 2014. Unlike last year where I was shooting mainly cosplayers, this time round, I was spending more time shooting figurines.

The 100mm macro is really a awesome lens. Providing real close up to the mini figures… really different from what my previous setup can offer. *So far, the main thing I like about the macro lens is the focusing to infinity!!! *

Below are just a couple of figurines shots I have during the event.




These figurines really looks big now as compared to when I was using telephoto zooms (70-200) where I can never get it so big..

I will be hoping to find more time to shoot with this little gem. But December is always a month where I find that I’m short of time as there are so many events going on at the same time at different locations… not forgetting the social activities as well. Will see how it goes…


Return to Flower Dome



It feels like an eternity since I was last here at the Flower Dome…. And now they have the Christmas Decos up in there…

And I was there to also play around with my 100mm macro Been on my mind for 2 years and finally got it.

For the camera body in this flower dome visit, I had with me, my mkIII, which just got discharged from CSC after a top cover replacement due to damages it suffered during the Iceland trip ( back during that trip, the main dial stopped working! )… So, this visit is also partially to fully check the replaced part.

During the short visit in the dome, I only had a few shots and the rest of the time is to figure out the focusing and the distance relation stuffs…

Christmas 2014 @ Flower Dome

The snowman decoration there is reallly cute.



Most of the angles I shot are pretty similar to what I did in the past back when I was using 50mm + Raynox.

But during then, it can be irritating to not able to frame what I want, due to the focusing restriction. Because with the raynox, I can only focus at certain distance, nothing more, nothing less. Many times, this can be a great restriction.. But with this macro lens, I can really go close or back as much as I want….

The other welcomed feature is the auto focus (yes, I’m using auto focus for the close-up shots), as compared to the 50mm, the focus is faster and more accurate.

And the last thing I’ve noticed after I checked the pictures, is that, for the same framing I can get on the 50mm raynoxed, I get more depth of field! But still it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to stop down to f5.6 or smaller.

There is really alot of things I will want to experiment with the 100mm now, but I hope I have enough time before they remove those X’mas decorations there.

*It’s also about time to visit the annual faux snow event at Tanglin Mall…Should be going one of these days…


Iceland 2014


It’s been almost 3 months since my last post…and almost 1 month since I’m back from Iceland with a group of friends. Just sharing a couple of shots I got from the 10 day trip (my trip of the year).



One of the most scenic waterfalls I’ve visited in the whole trip. We were lucky to catch this waterfall before the snow fell the following day. *I have the snow version, but I still prefer this… Still trying to fix the blue color cast from the LEE 10 stop filter*

Aurora Hunt

Aurora Hunt outside the City

The only night we caught the aurora. It was only just after dinner when the aurora start to appear… It’s amazing to see the the aurora dance in the sky from horizon to horizon. A very short video of that night: Aurora Timelapse I wished I have a backup FF camera, enough to capture the whole action.. (my trusty 500D’s image quality at ISO3200 didn’t have the clarity at such ISO)

Last Look at Guesthouse Kiljan

Around Guesthouse Kiljan

Well, it’s my first time seeing snow, naturally I will get excited by every little things like playing with snow, and seeing the cars and pavements, grass covered by snow. Things I’ve only seen in postcards right in front of my eyes. *Happy*

Waterfall @ Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park

Another waterfall, but this time, at the Thingvellir National Park. The weather haven’t been very favorable for us during the trip, gloomy skies almost everyday. When we were at the waterfall, with the gloomy skies, I can only think of b/w at the back of my mind..



It’s really hard to shoot here… Limited by the amount of space. And not forgetting the water droplets made by the waterfall landing on the filters. And the large number of tourist walking past in front (which is the only way to get to the other side)


Glúfrafoss, waterfall in the mountain

The waterfall in the mountain. Had to get alittle wet to get in. But we left our gears outside after accessing the situration that it’s not really a scene that we can shoot without the water droplets landing on the lens/filter/etc.

Seljalandsfoss Startrailing

Seljalandsfoss Startrailing

Was hoping to catch some aurora that day, end up doing star trails… Key lesson learnt… Stars moves slowly at different part of the world… A whole 40mins and it didn’t move that much… A short Timelapse using the frames for the above shot: Startrail Timelapse



Pieces of ice broken off from the ice mountain washed on shore…Ice of all shapes and sizes. Really like this place. Really wished that the weather to be better than that overcast skies.

Now, after the trip and looking back, the 10 days we spent in Iceland felt really short! Just 3 days after I return to work, I’m already missing it already….  But I guess it might be many many years If I ever return to Iceland… Have quite some list in my want-to-go list…

Now to return back to reality and work hard to achieve those…



Night Festival 2014 – Phoenix


, ,

It’s kinda rare for me to post up photos, just a couple of hours after the shoot…. well, this time round, I kept it simple…. Straight out of camera (RAW > JPG with abit of cropping)

For today’s shoot, it’s mainly about the Fire performance by “Phoenix”, from Austria. Their performance tonight is amazing, one of the best I’ve seen in Singapore public performance.

A couple of photos from the event.







There will still be another show tomorrow (30th August 2014), if you are interested to be catching their performance. But be warned, this place is VERY crowded…

As I’ve always enjoyed any form of fire performance, I will likely be there again tomorrow if time permits after shooting other parts of the Night Festival which I’ve yet to cover.

Technical stuffs

Been a while since I’ve this section here… I’m still using the same old method of matrix metering in shutter priority mode and mainly controlling the exposure via the exposure compensation. I find that this gives me the most time to react to most scenario.

Also, since it’s going to be dark, I’m quite sure that for most shots, it’s going to be shot at f2.8 wide open, just frame according to the DOF (I did have abit of mis focused shots)

As for flash, I personally do not like using flash in public performances like this. First, it’s quite annoying to spectators and secondly, It’s one more thing I got to adjust which means lesser time to think, compose and shoot.

I also did some bracketing for a couple of scenes where I can’t get the exposure right within 3-5 shots. That helped to get the exposure right…

Processing of the shots…. This is one of the rare few times, which I just converted the RAW > JPEG with cropping (on one of the photo). Conversion was done in Lightroom with Camera Calibration set to “Camera Standard”, this helped to retain (if not, get as close to) the colors which I see on my Camera.

I’m not sure if this is the best way to be processing those shots, but it looks fine to me… Maybe I’ll go over them again when I’m clearing my folders of photos…