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It seems that I’m missing my usual Sunday posts more frequently now…. *getting quite hooked up old game :p *

Anyway, It’s already 1 day past Halloween for us in Singapore. And most of the Halloween activities had been organized over the weekend. There were quite a number of events going on around the same time, but not being able to clone myself and have them going to different locations made me stay to one of the more convenient places at The Cathay.

This is my first year attending this Zomie Walk. I was totally unaware of this event last year… This year, I manage to get myself down to take a look around.

*For this event, I decided to travel light, so only a 17-40 (ultra wide) on my 5D and a flash which I brought, but did not use.*

Just a couple of shots from the event to share. Halloween 2013The above shot is my best capture for the event… Really loved it.Halloween 2013Getting up close and personal….Halloween 2013Erm, not too close….Halloween 2013Getting up close again..

After getting enough of the usual head shot style I usually do, I did something I would rarely attempt. Zooming out while using a slow shutter speed.Halloween 2013I must admit, the hit rate is probably 2 (at best) out of maybe 30 shots.. But there are a couple of interesting results. The above is just one of those better ones I got from this attempt.

On another note, it’s also very interesting to see how they do their on-field-make-up as well as other last min props adjustments. It’s probably also my first time trying to understand how they do their props and makeup. Some of their props really shows their attention to the finest details. BUT, otoh, it also makes it kinda disgusting…. as it really look like those real stuffs..

For those who knows my focal length shooting preference, 17-40 is definitely not my go-to lens for shooting portraits and events… It just so happened that I wanted to go light. And I just have to use it and shoot. And thanks to this lens, I got one of my best capture for the night…

That will be all for this post… And before I forget, Happy Halloween!