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Seems like I have alot of performance lately relating to fire… Night Festival > Sentosa Buskers Festival 2013 > Thumbuakar

Just days back, my friend was suggesting that we visit Night Safari to shoot one of the performance just outside there. The Thumbuakar show. Since I’ve never seen it before, so we went on with the plan.

It was really quite lucky for us, as it’s raining every night last week. And it finally took a breather on Friday where we planned the shoot at Night Safari.

There are 3 shows on normal weekdays and 4 shows on weekends. For more details, refer to the official website here: http://www.nightsafari.com.sg/shows/thumbuakar-show.html

Due to some traffic jam, we only reached the place around 7.30pm.

Before the next performance started, we order our dinner at Bongo Burgers where this place has the best spot for the fire show. After we placed our orders the show was about to begin…

Initially I thought since I’ve shot quite a couple of fire performance shows, it should be relatively the same…. Being slightly overconfident, I’ve used the same method I did for the past few fire shows (matrix metering with -ev compensation),

When the first show started, we started shooting… After quite a numberof shots that I reviewed the photos, I realized that they are ALL overexposed! With that I’ve quickly dialed more -ev in. And managed to salvage a couple of shots from the first show ( which eventually was deleted in my first phase deletion on my computer..)

For 2nd show, I was using the matrix metering again. And I decided to switch to spot metering and test out how it fare (in keeper’s rate). To my surprise, I manage to get more of what I wanted with lesser fiddling with the -ev dial. So I decided to keep it this way and shoot it thru the last show at 10pm..

Here are just a couple of shots I got from the event. For the full album, you can view it over at my facebook album here






I’m still deciding on what will be my next shooting target this weekend… Nothing at the moment is popping into my mind now…

Hope I have some ideas before the end of the week..