3 years ago, before I bought my EOS 500D, I was using this Powershot A650IS Point and Shoot (P&S) camera which I eventually inherited from my brother. *Well, in fact, it’s not considered a P&S, it’s a low end bridge camera, mainly because it allows you to change the settings in the P, A, S, M mode.*

During then I didn’t even know what are those things for, and I was still using the sports mode, night scene mode, landscape mode etc.

It was in one of those travels which I decided to buy my first DSLR.. Mainly because of low light action stuffs. The image noise of this camera beyond ISO400, is actually quite horrible. ISO400 is actually still pretty decent in GOOD light. But I will avoid ISO800 if I can.

During that trip, I was tempted by other colleagues of mine who were using DSLR during then and was able to capture very nice, sharp, vibrant pictures…So, eventually, I bought my first DSLR.

It’s has been almost 3 years (maybe more) that I’ve fired a shot on it. And I saw it laying around in my dry cabinet, and I thought to myself, If I’ve applied the same techniques I’ve used on DSLR, wouldn’t it be the same?

So I brought it out for a light walk at the Gardens (Gardens by the bay, Marina Bay Sands) shooting flower macro. I was there around 3pm where there’s a big bright sun up there.

Here are just a couple of shots I’ve got here. For the rest of the 40+ pictures, you can head over to my facebook album here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151874135832720.1073741874.600157719&type=1&l=09fbc2d76c

*Most if not all of the flower close ups are shot at ISO80 (the lowest on my camera).*IMG_1386-2


This shot above is my favourite capture of the day by this 6 year old camera.

After the close up shoot, It’s almost sunset.. So I brought it for a classic Central Business District (CBD) shoot, right outside Marina Bay Sands.IMG_1512

The widest focal length of this camera is 7.4mm which is 35mm on a FF. So, the framing is abit tight for my preference… This is shot with the following settings: 7.4mm, ISO200, f8, 15s. 15 seconds is the longest I can turn to on the manual mode. *For this shot, I handheld a 10 Stop ND filter in front* Visible noise at long exposure… But, well for a 6 year old P&S camera doing long exposure, I would guess this is pretty good!

Actually, this is not the only camera I brought out that day… I brought with me my EOS 500D too… with my favorite lens (EF-S 10-22), not forgetting 50mm + Raynox for a couple of macro close ups which eventually I used the A650 all the way. Here’s one shot which I did a 7min exposure on..


Slightly Technical Stuffs

Having shot with the A650IS in the past, I know how horrible the shots can go in high ISO at night. With that in mind, I try to avoid using any ISO above 200. This also mean that this subjects can only be shot in good light. Considering the sun’s position at 3pm, it’s relatively harsh (not the type of light I like).. but that also means my ISO can be kept to the lowest at 80. After the shoot, I must sat that this Camera works wonders at low ISO.

In case your are wondering how does the macro work in P&S camera. Many P&S cameras mentioned 1-2 cm focusing distance. And this focusing distance is at the WIDEST FOCAL LENGTH!

It didn’t take me too long to love and hate (almost at the same time) this camera….The live view and tilt screen is definitely something lovely when your arms are fully extended at weird angles shooting close ups at 1-2cm. But the thing I absolutely hate about it is the resolution of the screen (173k dots)… as compared to the new technology which have at least 400k dots. So quite a fair bit of colors are not rendered correctly.

When sunset came, I happened to learn something new…. Long Exposure Noise… It wasn’t very visible on the small LCD screen of the cameras. But when loaded up on my computer, the noise is pretty obvious.

And the noise applies to the 500D too….the 7min exposure sure made a lot of noise. This is the first time I’m seeing so much noise on ISO100 of my 500D. I’m usually shooting max 2-3 mins and I can barely see any noise. I may reconsider turning on the Long Exposure NR when I’m shooting something this long again…

*Due to the limited framing of 35mm, I didn’t shoot too much with the P&S and shot with my 500D for the rest of the evening*

The Powershot is still a decent camera if you know what it’s limits are. But there are still times where larger sensor formats is still better. For the price diff between a P&S and a DSLR, It’s really great stuffs..*That said, if the battery contacts of my A650IS breaks off, I will have to look for an alternate replacement… As of now, the EOS-M really looks attractive for the price :p *

Now, back to clearing my old stocks of photos….


*In case you are wondering…. Due to some unhappy incidents with the usage my photos, I’ve changed the watermark signature*