I had not been actively shooting(and blogging) for quite some time already…. (especially after the Iceland trip), and no thanks to a series of continuous rainy weekends.

It was only not long ago that I had seen the better weekends. Being stuck indoors for many weekends due to the bad weather makes me want to just go out and take some fresh air.

The first place I wanted to go is, back into the Flower dome.
5D3_3566They have changed the Xmas theme to a Asian theme…

It was also a good time for me to play with my macro lens which was in the dry cabinet for quite some time. Really had quite a fun time using this lens and exploring the max magnification I can go to (when stacked with Raynox 250). Not that I will be shooting at those beyond 1:1 distance, but just for the fun of it…

Didn’t manage to shoot alot during then as the sun was setting and I want to get into position for Sunset.

From the start, shooting wasn’t really my main intention of taking a stroll outside. Unlike in the past where I rushed from point to point, I took a slow walk (even stopping at some spot to enjoy the cool breeze) to the sunset position.. Slowing down the pace does help to refresh the mind up.

Upon reaching the “usual” sunset spot, I just down there and wait….Another sunset


Nothing exceptionally spectacular. Just a day for me to take my eyes off the computer screen and take things slow.

Come to think of it, days like this is really important… to relax the mind. I will probably want to have more of such days when possible. Let’s see how it goes then…