Just a few days ago, it was the AFA Singapore 2014. Unlike last year where I was shooting mainly cosplayers, this time round, I was spending more time shooting figurines.

The 100mm macro is really a awesome lens. Providing real close up to the mini figures… really different from what my previous setup can offer. *So far, the main thing I like about the macro lens is the focusing to infinity!!! *

Below are just a couple of figurines shots I have during the event.




These figurines really looks big now as compared to when I was using telephoto zooms (70-200) where I can never get it so big..

I will be hoping to find more time to shoot with this little gem. But December is always a month where I find that I’m short of time as there are so many events going on at the same time at different locations… not forgetting the social activities as well. Will see how it goes…