It feels like an eternity since I was last here at the Flower Dome…. And now they have the Christmas Decos up in there…

And I was there to also play around with my 100mm macro Been on my mind for 2 years and finally got it.

For the camera body in this flower dome visit, I had with me, my mkIII, which just got discharged from CSC after a top cover replacement due to damages it suffered during the Iceland trip ( back during that trip, the main dial stopped working! )… So, this visit is also partially to fully check the replaced part.

During the short visit in the dome, I only had a few shots and the rest of the time is to figure out the focusing and the distance relation stuffs…

Christmas 2014 @ Flower Dome

The snowman decoration there is reallly cute.



Most of the angles I shot are pretty similar to what I did in the past back when I was using 50mm + Raynox.

But during then, it can be irritating to not able to frame what I want, due to the focusing restriction. Because with the raynox, I can only focus at certain distance, nothing more, nothing less. Many times, this can be a great restriction.. But with this macro lens, I can really go close or back as much as I want….

The other welcomed feature is the auto focus (yes, I’m using auto focus for the close-up shots), as compared to the 50mm, the focus is faster and more accurate.

And the last thing I’ve noticed after I checked the pictures, is that, for the same framing I can get on the 50mm raynoxed, I get more depth of field! But still it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to stop down to f5.6 or smaller.

There is really alot of things I will want to experiment with the 100mm now, but I hope I have enough time before they remove those X’mas decorations there.

*It’s also about time to visit the annual faux snow event at Tanglin Mall…Should be going one of these days…