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It’s kinda rare for me to post up photos, just a couple of hours after the shoot…. well, this time round, I kept it simple…. Straight out of camera (RAW > JPG with abit of cropping)

For today’s shoot, it’s mainly about the Fire performance by “Phoenix”, from Austria. Their performance tonight is amazing, one of the best I’ve seen in Singapore public performance.

A couple of photos from the event.







There will still be another show tomorrow (30th August 2014), if you are interested to be catching their performance. But be warned, this place is VERY crowded…

As I’ve always enjoyed any form of fire performance, I will likely be there again tomorrow if time permits after shooting other parts of the Night Festival which I’ve yet to cover.

Technical stuffs

Been a while since I’ve this section here… I’m still using the same old method of matrix metering in shutter priority mode and mainly controlling the exposure via the exposure compensation. I find that this gives me the most time to react to most scenario.

Also, since it’s going to be dark, I’m quite sure that for most shots, it’s going to be shot at f2.8 wide open, just frame according to the DOF (I did have abit of mis focused shots)

As for flash, I personally do not like using flash in public performances like this. First, it’s quite annoying to spectators and secondly, It’s one more thing I got to adjust which means lesser time to think, compose and shoot.

I also did some bracketing for a couple of scenes where I can’t get the exposure right within 3-5 shots. That helped to get the exposure right…

Processing of the shots…. This is one of the rare few times, which I just converted the RAW > JPEG with cropping (on one of the photo). Conversion was done in Lightroom with Camera Calibration set to “Camera Standard”, this helped to retain (if not, get as close to) the colors which I see on my Camera.

I’m not sure if this is the best way to be processing those shots, but it looks fine to me… Maybe I’ll go over them again when I’m clearing my folders of photos…