It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted anything…. Not that I had stopped shooting, just that I ran out of stuffs to write about. Mostly stuffs that happened on other weekends are pretty mundane. Going around the city and shooting the same things over and over again.

Well, just for the weekend (Friday and Saturday), there was the Annual Night Festival and the Singapore Garden Festival (held every 2 years). So there was abit more happening stuffs to shoot.

But for now I’ll just write abit on the Garden Festival…

Personally, It’s different from how I imagined… At first I was thinking of a big place with potted plants of different species from different countries…..

The moment I entered the event space (this year, it’s held at The Meadows @ Gardens By the Bay), I know that it’s going to be totally different from my expectations.

*It’s my fault for not reading up more on it before I came -_-*

5D3_7417The first display I saw when I entered the hall.

The garden festival is really about Garden… and plants(nature) and the modern world. Not so much about the plants and different species :p

In this event, one shall see the different designs of how plants “live” with the world we live in.


There are a whole lot of other similar genre installations to visit. The installations are really nice to look at. But I can’t find any suitable way to capture them in the photo..

Moving along the hall, there’s the miniature garden display… Due to the fast moving single lane crowd, one will not have the luxury to stand in the lane and shoot into the glass displays.5D3_7460A Miniature garden display….

5D3_7449Another miniature display.

Wished I could spend more time re-shooting some of these. well, anyway…moving on in the event hall, I’m already lost at which area am I in or what am I looking at already -_-

At this stage of being lost, I just shoot whatever comes into mind….5D3_7497




Ice Queen, Singapore Garden Festival 2014 display.

Something for sure, this is NOT a place you can finish shooting within 1 or 2 days… I’ve spent a good 4 hours in the place and not covered 1/2 the place. (and I’ve ran out of energy by the 4th hour, simply tired…)

To add on, this event hall space at Meadows is not all… there’s more at the flower dome. Just that the displays at the flower dome is until late September. So I will visit there once the crowd level subsides..

Shooting these art works is really very different from what I’ve been shooting all along… or rather what I’ve been shooting lately. In the recent months, I’m mainly into shooting landscapes or cityscapes. Shooting stuffs in this event is really challenging for me.

*I finally realized what my friend meant by “don’t ask me which art works is the award wining one” and “don’t ask me to name the name of this art work”…. I can only remember 1 or 2 at best… Those that caught my attention*

After the “hellish” 4hours, I took a breather somewhere and to rest my feet before I went for the night event… The Night Festival.. I’m still busy trying to get the photos sorted out.

Not sure if I can get them up during the week. Will post them up once I’m done with it.