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As part of the “training” to practice shooting the Milky Way before the main event, a small group of us packed up and went over to Batu Pahat, Malaysia for a short weekend. It’s about 2hrs drive away from Singapore. Before the sun goes down, we scouted the place that we will want to “plant” ourselves when shooting the Milky Way.

Milky Way @ Batu Pahat

Starry night by the jetty (14mm, f2.8, 25s, ISO3200)

After the initial scout, it’s not very long before the night came.


Before the night came, we were still worried that we might not be able to see the Milky Way as it was very cloudy during Sunset. But after dinner, when we returned to the place, we saw that it’s a CLEAR sky! It’s the clearest one I’ve seen for the Malaysia trips so far. (to be exact, we had bad weather for the almost all the other trips).

After the practice at Mt. Bromo, composing for this scene is much easier with the light pollution in the area :p  Once I had my shot, I just sat back and enjoy the starry view above me while the rest continue to shoot. No matter how many times I gaze upon it, I still feel that it’s a wonderful sight to behold.

Now I’m really looking forward to the big trip coming in a few months time…