It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the blog… But for the past few weekends, It’s nothing other than fireworks fireworks and still fireworks. It’s the National Day Parade Rehearsals Fireworks again. In one of those weekend I finally found the place where I initially failed to locate.


2nd NDP Rehearsals Fireworks

This is one of those “newer” view that popup on my Facebook newsfeed some weeks ago. The first attempt to find the place didn’t end too well. But for the 2nd attempt, the place was located and I camped for fireworks that happened that evening (the 2nd NDP Rehearsal). There wasn’t alot of fireworks that day, which is a good thing for me… Lesser fireworks smoke in the air.

Other view from the same place on a different date (a wet morning). IMO, the view from this place is pretty awesome.



After I had got my fill of shooting from this place, I went back to the usual spot for fireworks. If you aren’t very familiar with the popular locations. Here are some of it.

  • Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (almost the whole stretch is available, the stretch ends before the floating platform)
  • Esplanade Rooftop (Note: this place is restricted on National Day itself)
  • Marina Bay Sands (The whole stretch, from the Art Science Museum to the Pier)
  • ECP Express way section looking at CBD (a good 300m walk from MBS side).

Fireworks from Esplanade Rooftop (Panoramic shot of 5 frames + 1 fireworks frame)

Here’s one I caught last night… at Esplanade Rooftop with a truck load of photographers (you can see the line of photographers on the right, It’s a restaurant on the left, which explains the no-crowd)


Technical details of the above shot, I would have liked to use a single shot for the frame, but without tilting, it won’t be possible. As I was using a 14mm, any tilt is going to cause a whole lot of problems during processing, so I chose to do a panoramic shot. I will likely be re-processing this image sometime again later. As I didn’t quite like some of the things I did during the processing part. But at the moment, I’m quite filled up with some fun stuffs to experiment with…. InfraRed (IR) Photography… Seems quite fun for now. Will be posting those along the week.