I was supposed to be shooting cosplays over the weekend at City Hall… But for some reason, I couldn’t find the joy/excitement to shoot the event anymore… unlike when I first started off shooting cosplayers. It’s not the first time this year that I went to the event and left without firing a shot. Anyway, due to my dropping interest of shooting the event, I left that place early and went exploring for the place where I saw some nice shots from.

Clarke Quay

Sunset @ Clarke Quay

The search for that place wasn’t successful (kinda expected) and I decided to look for it another time after I do abit more research on that angle that shot was taken. And since it was nearing sunset timing, I just thought of returning to some classic common place to shoot in Clarke Quay (since I’m in the area).

This is one of the most common spot you can find in Clarke Quay. On “epic” sunset days, you can find many photographers along the stretch where I was standing. But that day was just a ‘normal’ sunset. And I was just killing time and resting myself after an unsuccessful exploration.

*Despite the same composition I’ve shot past, I still felt happier shooting it than returning to the cosplay event. It may be possible that I need a long break from those events before I recover that feeling to want to shoot again*

Clarke Quay - Lights On

Clarke Quay – Lights On

As like other cityscape shoots, I stayed alittle after the sunset to catch the lightup of the buildings and structures.

I really hope I can recover my mood to also get more active in shooting cityscapes or landscapes. Ever since returning from Mt. Bromo, I’m getting lazier by the day…

Now to pay my sleep debts.