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I apologize for the no-show for the past 2 weeks…. Down with computer woes (computer crashing and hardware failing etc.)

Now that it’s up, I will be updating abit of Tulips from the Tulipmania event at the Flower Dome in Garden by the Bay. To “fight” against the tourist crowds, I made my way into the flower dome the moment it’s opened at 9am.

I would say that this is the only timing where photographers will have the best chance of getting decent shots. But one will still have to make haste as it won’t be long before the crowd starts gathering. By 10.30am, you would hardly be able to squeeze into the frontlines without some glares from others or photobombing by others.

A couple of shots I took while spending an hour in the dome…



Apart from the “common” ones from last year, I believe this is a newcomer… Tulipa cv. ‘Honeymoon’. This quickly replaces my favourite color of last year. (It was yellow).

These ‘white ones’ are really beautiful and in a ‘class’ of their own.

I think I will be making another trip down to the flower dome next week as I didn’t manage to shoot that much today. I made my way to the computer hardware shop to get (nearly) all the parts for my computer replacement. And it took me the rest of the day to get it up to working condition.

Really looking forward to the next trip down to the dome.