A continuation of the prev post of when I was in Sungei Rengit, Malaysia last weekend.

As said, we were there for a Milky Way shoot which didn’t turn out very well due to cloudy skies. But nearing dawn, some parts of the sky did clear up. But still, it wasn’t good enough for a clear shot of the Milky Way. Thou we can see it very faintly with our eyes. But not wanting to waste the trip not shooting some stars, I did a desperate attempt to get a shot. So I framed up as per what I will usually do and started shooting.

Sungei Rengit

Sungei Rengit – Before Dawn (Samyang 14mm, f2.8, 30s, ISO1600)

Even thou I did say it was a desperate attempt to get a shot, actually I was really just wanting to try out on the post-processing part of shooting stars. I have extremely limited experience in shooting and processing these kind of shots, so I need to try and gain as much experience as possible before I go on for my upcoming Mt. Bromo trip.

I must say that one of the thing about shooting these stars that annoyed me is my habit of using f-stops like f8 or smaller and low ISO of 100 for landscapes. But this completely changed what I started shooting the stars. ISO1600, f2.8 at 30s is almost a norm! During post processing, I have to adjust my workflow abit as I am not able to pull as much details as I would usually like to do. Because, if I start pulling details out of it, the high ISO noise will come along with it. Even thou it’s a 5D mkIII sensor, noise is still visible when you start pulling details at high ISO (I did not underexpose my shot).

So, I guess it’s only the matter of time before I get used to shooting at these settings and the work flow that follows when shooting stars.

When the sun finally rise, things are more or less back to “normal”. As it will be like any photography trips that you go. Just feel the shot and shoot.

Abandoned Jetty

Abandoned Jetty (17mm, f16, 4mins, ISO100)

It was the last shot I got before we set off for breakfast and head home.


Now I’m itching for more shooting trips. Although there will be frustrating moments (when light discipline is out of control), there are also fun and fulfilling moments when you got the shot along with the party with you. 3 weeks Counting down to Mt Bromo!

*Meanwhile, I’ll drop by GBTB for tulipsmania again :p *