After 2 months of disappearance. Rain finally shown itself in the most spectacular manner…. By raining heavily over the whole of Singapore.

But because of the sudden appearance of the rain, I have to cancel a pre-planned morning shoot with a model.

Well, not necessarily a bad thing thou… The rain brought some dying plants back to life. Thou I think nothing can be done for those which have completely wilted. But, wetting the grounds is the first step..RaindropsAfter cancelling the shoot, I headed back home and I saw the droplets on the flowers by my corridors and I find it really interesting.

It didn’t take too much time for me to rush into the house and grab my macro setup and started shooting the droplets.

I’m actually very surprised by how still the flower is throughout the few shots I have.

The appearance of the rain also caused some of my evening shooting plans to end in failure… Because due to safety reasons, the lighting installations are barricaded and thus no close up access to some of the more interesting ones.

But well, I did have my fair share of fun the previous evening while I was there at iLight. The main attraction for me last evening is fire show performance by Starlight Alchemy. While I can make do without for the rest of the installations (because the Fire performances is only on selected weekends)

But last evening, I have a couple of unexpected catch as well…. Actually yesterday, there was a little bit of rain. Which lasted less than 20mins. But it was probably good enough to clear up the skies for a nice glow of sunset and blue hour.Sunset by Marina BayI was making my way to the location where the fire performance will start when I witness the sunset glow. I dropped other thoughts and just look for the suitable location and started shooting. A 8 shot panorama (I always have alot of overlapping)

I didn’t have my ND filters with me, so I make do without the silky waters which I usually like to create… Well, the effect still turned out better than I thought. After the quick series of panorama shots, I hurried on to locate the place where the fire performance will be.

I didn’t know where the performance will be at, but just making an educated guess on it’s probable location. I didn’t manage to find it at this time…. So I went back to shoot the blue hour of the city.Blue Hour @ Marina BayIt was also this time that I realized that I’ve not shot from this vantage point before. And this view is abit different from what I usually have. Although I felt that it’s a shame that I didn’t have a wider lens to prevent the corner building from being cut off. But I guess that I’ll just make do with it.

Didn’t turn out too bad as well..

*I eventually found the fire performance location, got a couple of shots from it, Yet to process those… Will be doing so along the week.*

Technical stuffs

My ‘default’ goto macro setup for super close ups. 500D + 55-250 + Raynox 250, Diffused Flash. The 50mm didn’t make the cut for the macro close up for water droplets. I need something more than that.

For EXIF peepers, you will soon realized that I’ve used a very small aperture of f29 and a high ISO of 800. The key reason is because of a few points
– The magnification that I’m working with still gives me a shallow DOF when I’m at f16. So to get more DOF, I chose to use a small aperture such as f29 which is the smallest I can go.

– ISO 800. I still wanted to maintain the shutter speed of 1/100s to prevent any micro movements due to wind (if any).

The trade off for using this ‘configuration’ is diffraction as well as loss of details. This is probably one of the few times I hate myself for not having a real macro lens.

Every lens has it’s resolution resolving limit. And the limit is lower for entry level lens such as the 55-250. So to add a macro adapter on it is almost equivalent to pulling details out of pixalated mess. Well, in this case, the blurred out details can also partly be attributed to diffraction thou. But nevertheless, the lens does still plays a part in resolving details.

But I think I should hold my purchases for the time being. Spending too much already… Especially with my latest addition of Tamron 24-70.


Now to catch some sleep before the work day starts in a couple of hours time. Hope to get the fire performance pictures up along the week.