After 2 years, iLight returns to Marina Bay. It will be from now till the last weekend of March. If you are planning a trip down, please be sure that you will likely need to plan to make at least 2 trips there. Every night, the exhibits will start from 7pm to 11pm.

The exhibits are divided into 2 routes. Route A and B. Either route you take will take a substantial amount of time to cover. If you are photographing along the way, I would say that you can cover at best 1 of the route by 11pm.

At the moment, I’ve visited the place twice and have yet to finish one complete Route. One reason being, I started moving on the ground at about 8pm when the sky is darker.iLights Projection on ASMProjection Mapping on Art Science Museum at Marina Bay. This is one of the many shot to death position in Singapore. The only difference is the widness of the lens used or how many steps one is away from my another…

Anyway, the above shot is one of the reason why I started walking the grounds around 8pm… The sun sets late at this time of the year, and to get the sunset blue hour, I’ll be in the place from 7.40pm. And the projection mapping exhibit on the Art Science Museum starts at 8.15pm. So, during this time, I’ll have to ‘camp’ patiently.

At the current moment, I’ve only just a couple of shots from the event and will definitely be back fore more (there’s fire performances too. Just that the first show starts today, Sunday and I’m not making a trip down today)iLight - CLOUDCloud – This is the first exhibit I shot on the first day upon entering the area.

iLight 2014 - 1.26 SINGAPORE1.26 Singapore. Honestly, I’m not exactly satisfied with this shot and the composition… I’ll be back to find out how I can work on it.

iLight - DIGITAL WATTLEDigital Wattle – A colorful exhibit with different colors at intervals.

Time Travel?
Bedazzled – What I shot is really different from the description (due to overwhelming number of kids playing with the controls). This shot feels more like time travel to me…

This last shot is one of the toughest shot I’ve shot the whole night, random lighting based on kid’s input where you can imagine 5 kids each pressing different inputs.. If that isn’t challenging enough, the interval of the lights also varies. More luck to get the shot than skill I would say…

After processing the shots here, I revisited the shots I got from 2 years back. I still like the projection mapping from 2 years back where it’s all meadow and stuffs :p
iLight 2012This shot is reprocessed again when I was looking back at the folder…

Technical Stuffs

Since I didn’t know what I was expecting on the first day, I brought my usual 17-40, 70-200 and a 50mm. But on the opening date, there wasn’t any performance (I didn’t manage to see any) of  interest to me, so it was in my backpack most of the time.

And day 2, with just my 24-70 and 14mm.

It’s important to know what you want to shoot and to know what’s there to shoot.

On day 1, I realized that I need something wider for a particular shot and range isn’t that much important if there isn’t any performance. So with that in mind, the stuffs to bring became obvious to me.

Now to the installations exhibits. Many of these exhibits have varying colors at interval. Some of them even random (due to the inputs of the user), so, the only trick here to get the color and pattern you want is patience…. wait it out.

Metering wise, I’m using matrix most of the time because I would want to expose my frame evenly. BUT, if you are shooting those single light source stuffs, you would want to change it to something like Spot or Partial.

Personally, for shots which I’m on tripod, I can get very lazy and to use live view to just get the exposure correct instead of looking thru the view finder metering stuffs… simple, efficient but battery draining.

I may drop by on weekdays to continue shooting the installations (expecting lesser crowd). And since I know there isn’t any performance on weekdays, lenses selection is much easier and lighter…

For those who want more info on iLight, please visit: http://www.ilightmarinabay.sg/