Finally done with my backlogs…. It’s faster than I thought it will last. My fingers instinctively reach for the delete button whenever the image doesn’t catch my eye within a second.

Just after 2 hours, the backlog folders is settled… and sharing a few shots I’ve selected for processing during the cleaning up.Pulau Bukom
Many months (Jul 2013) ago, along with some astro guys, we went to Pulau Semakau for star gazing, but things didn’t turn out very well for us… And this is the last shot I’ve got before leaving the island with disappointment of not able to shoot any stars (in particularly the Milky Way).

Singapore Sports Hub
Sunrise at the Sports Hub (Aug 2013). The building was still quite a long way to completion. By now, I believe it’s almost nearing completion. Not sure how it looks like now. But I doubt the egg structure can be seen clearly.. I may want to revisit the area soon.

Tanjung RhuSunrise @ Tanjung Rhu (Aug 2013), captured on the same day as the above shot. The reflections of the building looks better than the egg yolk behind the sports hub :p But the water by this hour isn’t as still as earlier. If you are early enough, the water is almost completely still.

By clearing the backlogs, It really made me feel that time really flies….but well, time waits for no one. Got to keep moving on.

Now to wait for the iLight event to begin…