A busy Saturday coupled with complete overcasts for both days really kills the feeling of a weekend.

Even a stroll in another nearby park wanting to shoot some water lilies proved to be a bad decision made by me. Due to the dry spell in Singapore, most plants are dying.. Even the ponds in the park is drying up (at least 30% dried up) and most of the flowers in the pond is surrounded by wilted leaves… Seeing what’s there made me feel that heading for home and a quick shower is the best course of action.

But when I had my shower, it’s only 10am when I’m stuck at home with nothing to do…. It was during then I realized that my storage space is in the reds due to the piled up photo backlogs.

It really took quite alot of time to go thru and sift thru the unprocessed folders… well…. Lets just say that my day ended after I’m less than 1/2 done with the folders… But well, at least I’ve cleared up ~40gb of photo…

I’ll just post one from the backlogs I’ve processed just a few moments ago.5D3_7428Sunset @ CBD…

Looking back, it was one of the nicest week to shoot landscapes or cityscapes in Singapore. The weather back then is ‘perfect’. Cooling days with nice blue skies.

In the current ‘hellish’ weather since February really make me want to travel back in time to January.

I just hope the weather gets better soon (but I highly doubt so…. traditionally, March to May is the hottest season -_-)

OTOH, I’m really looking forward to this month’s activities. iLight is back again and begins this Friday (7th) and ends 30th March. I believe I’ll be spending most of my weekends going to the different performances during this period. For more information about iLights, please visit: http://www.ilightmarinabay.sg/