After a full week of medicine (antibiotics, flu medicine, cough syrup etc ), my body didn’t seem to get all that much better. Mainly due to that, I wasn’t in the mood and condition to travel around too far from home. So, the best place I had is the neighborhood park again, Bishan Park.Bishan ParkSunset @ Bishan Park. 17mm, ISO 100, f8, 200s (B+W ND110)

That day (Saturday), I was resting at home that day after taking some medicine that made me slept thru the bulk of the afternoon, but after slept for so long, I just wanted to get out of the house (and a little itch to shoot something).

So, with that thought, I just grabbed my camera (17-40) with my filter kit (some GNDs and NDs) and tripod, I just head straight for the park.

Having shot this place for the god knows how many times, I decided to walk alittle (about 200m more?) further from where I would usually station myself. It didn’t take me much time to eventually settle down on this spot with this framing and wait for the sun to set.

I know that I’ve not been shooting with my ND and GNDs filters that much which was the main reason why I brought it out for the mini-shoot.

I’m never good at calculation of the NDs with the sunset exposure. So, I had a few test shots before this final shot as seen above.

For most part of the shoot, I was really lazing on the dry patch of grass (There isn’t much rain for the past few weeks and the grasslands are almost dying) and either waiting for the exposure to finish or wait for the time to press the shutter. (The beauty of timer remotes, set it and let it run).

At the end of the day, I’m really glad that I made the decision to come out and shoot something. The Sunset that day is one of the better ones in the week.

Technical Stuffs

For shooters, you will know that for a scene such as the above, when the shot is underexposed, it will have undesirable noise in the shadows when attempting to recover details from the area. And overexposing means clipping of highlights in the sky.

For long exposures, it’s even more critical to get the exposure correct. Especially the shadows. Because in long exposures, noise is introduced even at the lowest ISO. Any attempt to recover underexposed areas will result in noise being seen.

So, for me I’m adapting the ETTR (Expose to the Right) method. By following this method, you will be pushing your histogram to the right side of the wall (highlights) without touching it.

Following the shot will be processing where you will recover the highlights stuffs and do usual tones contrasting etc.

*For the above shot, the original RAW image’s sky will look as if the skies are almost washed out, but your eyes can still make out the details in it.

*I’ve do now know how much highlights can I recover if I’m shooting JPEGs only. But I believe I will be trying it out soon. It will get pretty pointless if JPEGs can already do what I wanted. RAW files are still much larger than JPEGs.

For the upcoming week, as usual, I don’t have anything planned…Maybe I’ll take abit of time to clear whatever backlogs I have in my folders. I’ll see how it goes If my body gets better.