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Every 2 year since year 2008, there will be the Singapore Air Show. And in the event, the main attractions for the public is the static aircraft displays as well as the acrobatics flying display. But on non-public days, it will be for traders. Well…. it’s a business event. Deals are made, Contracts signed etc..

But as a member of the public, the trading stuffs is beyond me… I just get my tickets and just go enjoy the activities planned for the public.

And this year, I’m lucky enough to get hold of a ticket to enter the event (It’s my first time shooting in the air show). While according to news, visitors who did not know that they MUST buy the tickets before hand were turned away.

When I reached the event place at Changi Exhibition Center, it didn’t take very long before the flying displays start.IMG_6587RSAF Black Knights, Singapore

IMG_6604Black Knights in Formation

IMG_6638Doing the turn

IMG_8060ROKAF Black Eagles – This was from the afternoon show.

But at the Air Show, the acrobatics flying displays are not the only thing interesting. There are other interesting things to be seen at the static display area where the airplanes, carriers are displayed.IMG_6320

5D3_8331The Missile Launcher…

Technical Stuffs

Before the show, the only thing I know about the air show before the event is, acrobatics flying displays. For that I know long telephoto (preferably >200mm) lens is a MUST. But also knowing that if I’m using a long telephoto lens, I will need something wider for including foreground stuffs. This also more or less fixed my setup for the event. 

500D + 70-200, 5D3 + 17-40.

On my 500D, the shots are set to shoot JPEG only. While on my 5D3 it’s remains the same (RAW). Primary reason for using JPEGs is to get the max out of buffer that 500D offers. I think I shot 9 frames before the buffer got full and have to pause for a while, while it have to pause to finish flushing the buffer to the card, I switch to my wide angle setup (where necessary) to get a few wide angle perspective.

Shooting planes close up does gets boring after a while or even the photo viewers will get sick of it.

Besides shooting planes and aircrafts stuffs, include other people too. Well, after all it’s also a family event for families. Capture happy faces, curious faces, actions etc. anything goes. It’s good to know what you want to shoot, if you don’t, just keep your eyes open and see what’s interesting!

At the moment, I still have 2000 over shots from the acrobatics show and a couple of hundreds of photos from my wide angle to screen thru… and this just happened 3 hours ago… This is going to take some time to finish screening or finish deleting.

I’m not sure if I will be of any condition to post updates to the air show during the week due to my poor health condition. I’ll see how it goes.

Now to find some cream for my burnt skin for standing under the hot sun for hours…