Another weekend of Chingay shooting…. But this time, it’s the actual day of the Chingay 2014.20140208_200446

Initially, we did not plan to shoot the Chingay fireworks… It was a last minute decision to actually go to this particular location to shoot the fireworks.

So the equipment I have on hand is my “standard” choice of lenses for landscapes which includes 17-40 and 14mm.

*If I had known earlier that we’ll be shooting Chingay, I would have brought my 2nd body with 70-200 along, but well, things happen…

While the event was ongoing, I just couldn’t sit still and do nothing…. So my hands start to reach for my phone’s camera (Note 3) and start shooting things happening below us…

With the spotlights hitting on the performers right below us, I just have to shoot it…. Even thou I’m using the Note 3 plastic lens camera with the 4x digital zoom. Other than sharpening defects I think the Phone’s camera worked pretty well.

In case you are wondering why didn’t I use my DSLR instead. The key reason is because at that point in time, I had my camera setup for blue hour panorama and waiting for the fireworks to start then blend the fireworks in.

But things didn’t go the way I wanted, stitching problems (mainly at the parade area) and I have to use the “black hour” panorama which I took after the fireworks….5D3_8285-EditTo be honest, I had a 70% feeling that the panorama stitching will fail when I planned the shot. I took my chances.

Main reasons why I thought that the panorama shot will fail is mainly due to the leveling of my camera.

The platform I’m standing on is uneven. When I leveled my ballhead, turning sideways isn’t going to get back the horizon level. So I have to re-adjust every shot.  The center parade have movements(performances), if I take too long to level the camera, the stitching will have issues too.

I’m still glad that the stitching program still manages to stitch it up. The rest is just the usual fireworks blending stuffs…

As of late (esp after I got my Samsung Note 3), I’m beginning to use my mobile phone’s camera more and more frequently. And personally, I felt that the results are pretty good if you know the limits it can go.

Of course when I took the shots of the Chingay with my phone, I know the image quality is going to suffer. True enough, but I am able to come to terms with the decision I made at that moment when I did so. It was probably the best thing I had on hand to capture the moment.

I really think I need to plan for some new stuffs to play with this upcoming week… The past few weeks in abit boring….

Hope to be able to come up with some brilliant ideas along the week…


*In case you didn’t notice, the first shot in the post was shot with my Note 3…