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Over the weekend was the Chinese New Year (Friday/Saturday). But the Chinese New Year actually lasts for 15 days according to tradition. But in Singapore only the first 2 days are holidays. In countries like China, I believe they have a whole week of holiday… That would explain the delay in online shipments from China. (well, I haven’t been placing orders for some time already..)

But of the CNY over the weekend, It’s quite a busy weekend for me, visiting relatives.. One after another.

There wasn’t any time that can be squeezed out for photography… even thou the weather is PERFECT!!!! Rare blue skies and full egg yolk Sun. (I’ve been seeing these weather from 29th Jan to 1st Feb), But today, the weather went back to the usual gray skies… made me kinda sad as I have plans for Sunset tomorrow.

Well, I did have my fair share of the fine weather on the 29th during the River Hongbao 2014 opening ceremony at the floating platform. There are fireworks being fired at the usual fireworks firing location in the waters of Marina Bay.Fireworks @ the bayFireworks displays for the Opening Ceremony for River Hongbao 2014.

The normal looking position was chosen because I wasn’t able to get to the spot which I initially wanted to go. And there wasn’t much foreground I would like to use over at the floating platform which is overcrowded. (I would have attempted to shoot over there if I had a UWA fisheye lens because I had a concept in mind already but no means to carry them out :p )

Well, anyway, I sat at this less crowded location with a couple of my buddies and shooting at a very relax pace 🙂

Well, that’s probably sums up the shots I had over the week….The following day is CNY Eve which usually I will be working for 1/2 day then returning home to do final cleaning up before the reunion dinner.

But because we had a pleasant surprise from the company saying that on CNY Eve, it will be a holiday for us all… So taking that chance of a free morning, I went for a lazy nearby shoot at Bishan Park.

Noticing how frequently I went to one side of Bishan Park, I decided to go to the other side for the sunrise shoot.
CNY Eve Sunrise @ Bishan ParkSunrise @ Bishan Park.

It’s 2 years since I’ve last revisited this side of the park to shoot a sunrise. The sunrise that day was just as fine as the previous day. And coincidentally, I revisited my old photo of Sunrise at this side of the park. I realized that the framing is almost the same… and at the same spot too…

*I’m not sure if I’m hitting any creativity limit in this part of the park… I may consider spending more time like what I did on the other side that lead me to some interesting angles.

But for now, I think I will want to see if I can get the shot I initially wanted back at the Marina bay. That day, barriers were erected to prevent anyone from accessing that location. I’ll likely be trying my luck this week to see if I can get to that spot.