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In just a couple of days more, it will be the Chinese New Year (CNY). While it’s a busy weekend trying to clean up the house (wiping every corner of the house), some time can still be afforded for my weekend shooting habits..

Even thou it’s going to be CNY soon, I didn’t have the feel to go shooting on the streets of Chinatown. One of the reason being that it’s too crowded for my liking. I’ll take a quiet and peaceful place over there any day.

One of my pano selfie on the buildings in Chinatown.Pearl's Centre
Well, even thou I did say I didn’t have the feel to go shooting on the streets, I can still remain high up in the buildings :p *I was trying out the EF 50 f1.2 I borrowed from a friend* That lens is really awesome in low light… But still not enough to get me ‘poisoned’ into buying it yet 🙂

Apart from shooting Chinatown, across the weekend, there was a rehearsal for Chingay 2014. And it’s the last full dress rehearsal before the actual day. So a couple of friends and I had a chance to be in there shooting… But not on the parade level.. We were shooting from the audience stands. But still, we were relatively close to the grounds, just not as close as we would have liked.

Just sharing a couple of shots I’ve processed for now..
Chingay 2014

Chingay 2014

Chingay 2014

Chingay 2014

Most of the processing done is for correcting the white balance. In Lightroom, I can’t get alot of control over the white balance because of the colored spotlights (red, blue, yellow, green, purple) and in many scenes. When these lights are shone on the subjects, even at the extreme of the color temperature and tint, it won’t be enough. And more irritatingly, in many scenes, the light sources are mixed. So correcting them took a hell out of me. In the Chingay 2014 folder, I’ve still got 700+ shots to review and select then process them..

I hope to get it done before CNY.. Thou I know it’s not going to be possible… There are alot more prep work at home for CNY.

And, finally… Just a couple of hours ago, after a full day of cleaning the house… I escaped to my nearby park to take a breather…
Bishan Park

For most days in the past 2 weeks, sunrise and sunsets are relatively gloomy.. Today is no exception. But well, I’m just taking a breather there. At the same time exploring other possible angles in the park. The above is one such angle I’ve not explored before.

I’m still wondering how many more angles are there for me to explore… It’s been a couple of years since Bishan park is re-opened. And I’ve not really explored the park yet. But I think it’s probably a good thing… If had really explored most parts of the park, this place would probably become boring to me….

For the upcoming week, it may be challenging for me to go out to shoot due to the CNY.. But I see how I can work with the ‘holidays’ (in fact, I felt more tired during CNY… visiting soooo many families) to make some time for shooting..

Until then.