It’s a sun chasing weekend again… Well, actually only Saturday was the great day this weekend. The Sun hides itself behinds the clouds on Sunday morning and rain in the afternoon.Sunrise - 11th Jan 2014Sunrise – 11th Jan 2014 – In my neighbourhood (f16 with 3+2 Soft GND, No ND is used)

It’s been awhile since I’ve last saw this kind of sunrise. It’s also one of the few  times I spend more  time gazing at the scene than shooting the scene. The formation of the clouds compliments the Sun well and the colors are awesome that day!

It was really a great way to start the Saturday morning.

After I have enough of Sun gazing, I began my year long project – “pano selfie” which I’ve started with a couple of my friends just this year (this is the week 2 pano, week 1 pano was an disaster..)Pano Under the BridgeWeek 2 – Pano under the bridge.

Equipment used: 50mm f1.8 @ f1.8 on my 5D3.

The original full framing requires 44 shots, but after cropping to get better composition, the no. of shots required dropped slightly over 20. I really need to brush up on my visioning of panorama scenes.

The panorama I’m creating here is an application of the brenizer method. Since I’m still new to this, I will require more practice on this… But that may be for another time (I’ve still got 50 chances left for the year…)

After the pano shoot, for a good part of the day I was back in bed :p Till evening time when I met up for a fireworks shoot in Chinatown for the Official Light Up Ceremony 2014.

Just about 3 hours before the fireworks event, It was pouring, so I wasn’t having much hope that sunset will be nice.

Just as the rain stops and the clouds starts clearing, the bright golden light of the sun start shining thru the pockets in the clouds… Regrettably, during that golden period, I wasn’t able to compose a nice scene up and thus did not shoot anything. But just witnessing the awesome light and the buildings that reflects the golden hue of the Sun made me want to stay at the traffic light junction and gaze till it’s gone… of course that is not possible. I’ve still got to scout for possible locations to shoot the fireworks!!

We were lucky that it actually didn’t take much time for us to settle down on a building to get ready for the shoot. We got into position on our 2nd possible location near to the firing platform.

So after settling down, we mounted our gears on the railings and waited for the time to come…

When the first fireworks shot out at 8pm (the actual one is at 9pm), I was actually blanked out… Because it’s really low.. and I still have a good few inches of sky above unused (and VERY EMPTY) and my mind was all thinking about how the heck is it going to work out.

But because I’ve already shot the blue hour and wanting to blend the fireworks into the shot, I have to make the choice of either abandoning the blue fireworks blending and change the composition or simply crop to recompose. I chose the later. Biggest reason being, I don’t have any other foreground to use and even If I recomposed, It’s going to be a boring black sky which I hate…

And I’m still glad with the decision to stick with my original composition. The final product as seen below…
Chinatown 2014 Official Light Up - FireworksThe Fireworks (Samyang 14mm f2.8 at f16). Composite of 5 shots (2 for the base blue hour and highlights recovery and 3 from the fireworks)

And I think thanks to the luck I had on Saturday, Sunday was pretty bad day for me :p

Well anyway… that’s it for this weekend’s post..

Undecided on the schedule for next weekend… Hope I can think of something by then..