Another Sun Chaser day for me… But I wasn’t able to catch the Sun this morning… Just earlier in the early morning, there was a thunderstorm. So I guessed that the Sun would be pretty much covered at the horizon, instead of heading out for a Sunrise shoot, I slept on for another hour :p

By the time I woke up, the Sun is already a few cm off the horizon. And I can see the formations of the clouds, this was when I grabbed my stuffs and head out to my playground in the neighbourhood.. Bishan Park.5D3_4195-Edit**Since I’m shooting the clouds formations after the Sunrise and I’m shooting at the direction of the sun, the sky is naturally going to be alot brighter, so GNDs was used. For the above, 4stop (3+1) soft GND was used. A couple of mins later, I changed to 5 stop GND.. because the sky got brighter again.

It was the cloud formations that drew my attention, so I decided not to use my usual ND filters to do long exposure.. If I’m not doing long exposure, there are a couple more places to allow me to get some shots.

One of it, is on a wooden bridge which I was standing on to get the shot. Doing long exposure on the bridge is not recommended due to the vibrations caused by the joggers and bicycles passing by every few moments.

When I’m on the bridge, there isn’t much composition to choose from… So, I just inspect the angles along the bridge and chose the best spot I can find.

Since the exposure time is 1/30s, it didn’t take me long to capture the frames I wanted and leave the place for breakfast. *was feeling lazy actually :p I could have carried on shooting if I wanted, but just want to get my coffee first *

After my coffee time, I see that the sky got too bright to shoot, so I just left for my bed.. Not having enough sleep recently. And knowing that I’ll be going back to work tomorrow makes me lose the rest of my shooting mood….

Anyway, that’s all for now.. I believe the next time I’m shooting will be the next weekend.

I hope I get nice weather for sunrise.