It was only recently (in fact, yesterday), that I got to ‘see’ the Sun. All previous days of the past 2 weeks, it’s always heavy overcasts or raining in the morning and late afternoon.

And since I’m still on annual leave, yesterday and today, I grabbed my camera and just head to anywhere convenient to shoot the sunset. It’s not that the sunset is spectacularly great, but it’s just that IT’S RARE TO SEE THE SUN and to see the Sun, 2 days in a row is even more rare! *pretty sad isn’t it…*

Yesterday, when I walked out of the house, the moment the Sun shines upon me, I kinda felt recharged.5D3_38922nd Jan 2014, Sunset @ Marina Bay Sands. It’s actually my first time trying out this composition. I don’t usually shoot it like this as it cuts off the Fullerton hotel at the right side of the frame. But well, I got sick of the typical CBD shoot, so just went for something different.5D3_3909The blue hour, minutes later… 

In my bag yesterday, I did have the Samyang 14mm with me, but I didn’t have the chance to use it effectively… As I don’t have filters to mount on it. These scenes requite NDs and GNDs. So it was left in my bag unused.

But for today, It was actually raining pretty heavily in the afternoon around 1pm. But It stopped pretty soon. So I thought I may have some chance at the Sunset. So around 5pm, I saw that the Sun still seems pretty good for shooting. Without much hesitation, I grabbed my camera and headed for my previously scouted Sunset location in my neighbourhood.

Previously when I was scouting this location, it was around 4pm… where the Sun is still too high.Bishan Park Sunset3 Jan 2014, Bishan Park Sunset. 6 Stop ND, 3+2 Soft GND (I would have preferred a hard edge, but I don’t have it…. making do with the Soft edge)

At first, I thought I was not going to make it to capture the sunburst. But when I reached the location, I saw my chance and just compose quickly and shot it at f22 (I need it at f22 to get the sunburst)… (together with my NDs and GNDs). For this location, the Sun will only appear in this position during the month of Dec and early Jan… So If I’m to miss this, I’ll have to wait for another cycle..

And since I’m already here, I took the chance to use my Samyang 14mm as well. Even thou as said earlier, I didn’t have filters for it, I still shot it. But by pushing the dynamic range of my camera.Bishan Park Sunset3 Jan 2014, Bishan Park Sunset – Samyang 14mm, no filters, Single Shot. As compared to the previous shot, I’ve cropped away the bottom part of the frame. But from the sides, you can see how much wider it actually is.

The above is processed from a single shot. I’m still relatively surprised at how well the details are retained, even thou the highlights looks blown on my LCD and the shadows looks black. But my only complaint is that the sunburst is abit ugly… as compared to my 17-40.

A mini review on Samyang 14mm (for those who are on the fence thinking of Samyang or the expensive 14L)

– As far as sharpness is concerned about Samyang 14mm, it’s definitely as sharp or if not sharper than my 17-40L.

– Distortion, as said in my previous post, if you know where to find the faults (even after lens profile correction), you will find them. But to me, the flaws are acceptable.

– Colors, I’m now pretty sure that the colors rendition is almost the same as my 17-40. Slight advantage to the Canon. The colors is still more vibrant when shot on the Canon lens.


For the whole of my annual leave since Christmas, I was able to only witness 2 good shooting days…. But actually, to me, that’s enough already…

Now to start to prepare my mental state for work… Finally returning to work after a solid week of annual leave…