In a few hours time, the year 2013 will come to an end. But with it, a fresh year of 2014 awaits.

But, as the curtain falls for 2013, Singapore have been “plagued” with constant rainfalls for the past month and in the more recent days, haze. Attempting Sunrise and Sunset during this period have been nothing but disappointment.

Even when I know it’s crazy idea to go for a sunrise shoot when we know it’s going to rain at the destination in a few moments time, it’s great to have crazy friends with you to do such crazy stuffs…

5D3_3621The day before the eve. It was decided that we shoot this location before New Year Eve because this section of the road will be closed during the Eve and on New Year day itself.

That day itself isn’t really ideal, even as we are walking to the location, it was drizzling lightly. We had originally wanted to shoot Sunset from this location, but oh well, rainy weather. Making do with the blue hour instead.

Some technical info on the shot since the info isn’t available on flickr because it’s a manual lens.

Lens: Samyang 14mm f2.8.
Aperture: f16
Shutter Speed: 6s

This above shot is a panomerge of 6 frames. But the cropped version is just a wee bit wider than the original 14mm. Maybe I’ll estimate it to be about 11-12mm?

For the colors rendition, I really feel that it’s as good as my 17-40. I really want to run a few more tests on good days which I’m not blessed with this month..

Year in review

As I try to recall year 2013. I remember quite a couple of events which affected (in a good way) my photography learning.

Crop to Full Frame

The moving from crop frame to full frame is definitely one of it. The high ISO performance of the FF allows me to shoot events in less than ideal lighting situations where my 500D would have failed quite badly. In a way, this opens up a hell lot of possibilities for my photography style.

But on the other hand, after using FF for a short period (~6 months now), I’m once again reminded that, there are more things to photography than just about equipment. As as for the things that mattered, I’m still trying to learn those…

My first paid photography job

Prior to this, I didn’t have any experience in this field for shooting the event. So everything is new to me. From scouring online forums to know the must-shoot, must-do, mustn’t-do etc to the execution of the job. Managing the people, making every second count and delivering of the photos etc.

But I’m glad that the pictures turned out well and I gained that little bit of experience in this area. And I’m also glad that I did not have this as my full time job. The amount of stress during the event is unimaginable if you don’t have a backup shooter. *It was during this period of time that I added a few photoshop tricks to my limited knowledge of photoshop*

Breaking the style

In the recent weeks, I realized that my style of shooting portraits is getting very repetitive. Tight, Tighter, Tightest. Rarely have I thought of using a wide angle and shooting a full body shot from creative angles. By only relying on >50mm for a 1/2 body to a head shot, perspective is likely to be very limited..

This realization is important as it will help me understand what I want to do next for this genre of photography. And for this matter, it’s about shooting full body portraits.


This list can go on and on… But I find that the above 3 is probably of those more “significant” ones (thou insignificant)…

I’ll just stop here… Gona get some rest.. Been trying to chase the sun for the whole of today… Sunrise and Sunset. Nothing but disappointment… Sigh.

Hoping the New Year will be better.

Wish a very Happy New Year to my readers here 🙂