It’s the time of the year again. CHRISTMAS!!!!

Like the past few years, Tanglin Mall have the snow party (faux snow. aka foam). And I was there again to capture the fun moments.IMG_5897
But because it’s a weekday that I went on, the crowd is slightly lesser than on weekends (just that wee bit lesser). But still,  there are alot of people moving around in the frame etc.

IMG_5877Of course this is just another day in a crowded event for me… Composing the frame is tricky, but not impossible thou.

IMG_5922But the usual trick of going up close still works to a large extent (with frustrations of the walking crowd/photogs in the area)

IMG_5906Occasionally, I get a clearer shots… When it happened, I just snap snap and snap.

IMG_5924Moments waits for no one. Just shoot.

But shortly after the ‘usual’ fun snaps, I tried to look for other subjects… And by chance, there is a gust of wind the blew the foam in the other direction.. And I saw the decorations by the sides.
IMG_5919Also knowing that the wind won’t last, I just continue snapping. It wasn’t the best of my composition I must say, but I’m relatively still satisfied that I manage to caught the frame before the wind subsides leaving the sky pitch black.

Techie Corner

There is a small difference in terms of equipment I used last year and this year. But to some people, this is a big difference, but to me, the difference is minor..

Last year, I was using my 500D with 70-200 IS II, but this year, I went back to my kit telephoto zoom lens EF-S 55-250 on my 500D. Focusing speed is the only thing that affected my mood that night. For the kit lens focus quite slowly in bad light. A couple of moments slipped past just like that, leaving me a frustration of why didn’t the focus lock on and fire?

But after shooting for a couple of minutes, I managed to get that AF slowness out of my mind and continued shooting. This is part of the exercise I’m trying to do by ‘shooting with whatever I have on hand no matter what’.

For all the shots above (and most of what I shot that night), I’m shooting at an ISO of 3200 which is considered insane by many people I know of. I know the limits of my 500D at ISO 3200, it’s noisy, poor dynamic range etc.

But heck, I learnt that there are more things I need to be worried of than a noisy picture. e.g. Composition, emotions, expressions, etc.

That said, I understand the importance of image quality of getting the shot sharp, noise free etc. But as previously mentioned, this is just part of my exercise to maximize what I have on hand at that moment. Which in this case is just my 500D and 55-250.

In this weekend, I hope the weather clears up enough for me to go re-visit the place with my 5D and 70-200 combination. But this time, I’ll be trying out something else instead…shape bokeh… Never tried it before, but the results I get from testing the diy shape bokeh last night got me pretty excited.

Hoping to get some results..