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EOY 2013 (End of Year) – In short, this is a cosplay event held yearly like Anime Festival Asia (AFA).

For the past few years, this event was held at Marina Barrage, so is this year. As like last year, or for any cosplay events, the crowd is overwhelming. If there’s anything that changed, it’s my interest level in shooting during the events. It’s slowly, but surely decreasing.

I wandered around the event halls, filled with cosplayers (with their assistants), photographers (with their assistants), casual families with their kids out at Marina Barrage.

Unlike last year where I’m spamming my shutter at anyone in my vicinity as I walk the event grounds. I find it hard to pick up my camera and start composing and shooting. I don’t mean that the cosplayers are no good. It’s just that I needed the “element” to get me motivated.

After wandering for an hour (I’m pretty sure it’s more than that), I clocked a total of 5 shots. *It didn’t take me more than 3 seconds to delete them all at home* The ‘feel’ of the shot wasn’t there. I believe it’s due to the mood I was in when I took the shot.

Shortly after the moody hour, I met my usual group of friends. This was the time when I really start to get a little more ‘lively’. Despite getting more alive, It didn’t really drive off my moody feeling for shooting in the event where the crowd is moving across frames.

During this time, a couple of cosplayers friends was invited into our “booth” (it’s just a small corner in the place with some clearer background). Because they are actually quite lively, my mood started to get better and we started shooting…

Because of the amount of time I spent at the event, I didn’t take alot of shots other than shooting a very small group of cosplayer friends.

But, for the limited shots I have, I’m pretty glad with the results I got…5D3_2519



At the moment, these are all I’ve processed. The processing of photos is actually taking place very slowly, unlike in the past where I sped thru the processing and got them uploaded.

I’ve learnt that I should take my time to process them. After processing them, allow my mind/eyes to have a break. Then see if further processing is required. By doing so, I can get a more “balanced” view of how I would want it processed. This process can place more than a couple of times.


Techie Stuffs

Equipment for the day: 5d3 + 70-200 + Flash (with the portable flash softbox diffuser),

A 3 stop ND is in the bag, in case the sun is overpowering. If the background is metered at 1/800, I would use the 3 stop to cut it down to something which my flash can sync. My flash max sync speed is 1/200s…

This is the only lens I brought along for the event, as I know that this WILL be THE lens I will go to, to cut the crowd out. Shooting wide angle will almost result in getting unwanted distractions in the background.

This is quite a hard to use lens in the event grounds if you ask me, many people are not kind enough to give you space to shoot a 1/2 body or full body, so you will have to make do with that and shoot.

But for my shooting preference, this is quite ideal… As all the more I can get closer and do my usual head shots, head and shoulder shots. More bokeh, more background blur.

For lighting, I only brought my flash and softbox diffuser. No reflectors etc. I’m never a true fan of flash, till very recently when I bought my softbox diffuser… The flash is now very well diffused… As compared to the harsh omibounce I was previously using.

For most shots in that short time I had during the event, most of them had flash fired. Mainly to lift the shadows when facing a backlit situation.

In the past, I won’t even try using flash, because the flash will create a “hotspot” on the face, but now, I’m really enjoy firing the flash (when necessary, of course)


At the moment, that’s all for now.. More to come along during the week… But it will likely to be the same cosplayer. Since more than 80% of what I shot that day is her…