Blue hour by the waters


Last week, our exploration trip wasn’t as pleasant as we wanted it to be, raining before the sun rises, tides were high, waves are strong etc…

When we were on our way to the location, we already knew that it’s going to rain… With that kind of mindset thinking that the sunrise will be a gloomy one or worse no sunrise, it’s actually much dampen the morale.

Upon reaching the location, it was still pretty dark, with about 1 hour+ more to sunrise, raining (on and off), cold winds blowing in the face, the thoughts that were in our heads were “why are we here in this weather instead of sleeping at home”.

But after getting over that bit, we started to walk the area to look for potential things to shoot. In that sort of hours, most things won’t look interesting when visibility is almost limited to using torchlight only. (still nothing… returns to shelter)

But when the blue hour came, all scrambled to find a scenic spot. I must admit that the above shot is kinda accidental. I did composed the scene in my mind, but the idea is still pretty fuzzy, so I took a ‘test’ shot. While I was shooting this test shot (30 seconds), my friend accidentally pointed his LED torchlight in the frame and lighted up some parts of the elements in the frame.

On the scene, looking at the camera screen, actually, it didn’t seem to have any difference at all….So I thought it’s fine and just moved on. But not long after, it started to rain heavily… before I have the chance to find another location to shoot

Little did I expect that this shot turns out to be my shot of the day (and the only shot of the day…)

While I was processing (just yesterday night), I kept thinking why was the few spots lighted up, then I recalled that it was the LED light that lit the area/elements.

Then I started to give it further thoughts…. Had the light not shone into the frame, this frame would be another file to delete from my computer…

I think it may be time for me to get a powerful torchlight….. to start exploring painting the foregrounds.

All along, I’ve never used any other light sources to lighten up the foreground in landscapes, but after this experience, I may want to start using one…


*Looking at the weather, I’m not sure If I’ll be planning anything tomorrow.. we’ll see*