Blue hour in the neighbourhood

I was exploring my neighbourhood yesterday waiting for Sunrise (the planned trip today didnt yield any results due to heavy rain on site)

I was actually onsite pretty late at 0630 considering the timing of sunrise is 0652 according to the website.. But knowing what I wanted, I didn’t waste too much time composing… *More time was spent on setting up the tripod

This was among my first few shots of that morning and my only keeper for the day. For the later part of the time, when the sun risen, it was covered by the dense cloud you see in the above picture.

For this scene, I was given the opportunity to stack my LEE GNDs (Soft) which I bought last week.

I was using a 3 + 2 stop GND (5 stop total) for the above scene. Initially I thought that it would be too much difference between the sky and ground, but it actually turned out relatively smooth…

And because it’s the blue hour, the blue cast of LEE isn’t that visible as compared to my previous Tian Ya GND which left a magenta cast in the sky.

Overall, I’m VERY pleased with the performance of the LEE filter… But of course not very pleased with hole it left in my pocket.

I fear that I will soon fall into the LEE filter “trap” and start to replace all my filters with LEE filters… At the moment, I’m still using other brands circular NDs. And to switch completely to LEE NDs is probably going to cost an arm or leg..

Trying not to think so much about it, will have to see how well the LEE filters work with my other NDs. Need more time to test it out more thoroughly.

*Discussion with the travel mates, most likely going to postpone the planned trip to a drier season like Feb-Mar*


*Mind is pretty much blank now, nothing planned for the weekend, didn’t feel like shooting X’mas lighting in Orchard Road.. I blame the weather for making me feel like what I’m feeling now…. or maybe I just lack sleep. Didn’t have a good sleep since we have to wake up early for the trip today*

Hope I can get enough energy to plan for the coming weekend..