VivoCity 7th Anniversary Fireworks

Just a couple of days ago (Thursday), it was the VivoCity 7th Anniversary. So they had the fireworks show for the celebration.

According to vivocity’s website, the fireworks is choreographed by Japan’s renowned Josh Tamaya from Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks Co. Ltd. This company is best known for using advanced computerised firing systems and flawless integration of music into fireworks….

On Thursday, I was in position during the blue hour to shoot the blue hour before the fireworks started. And after that, waited for another hour for the fireworks show to begin (the fireworks starts at 9pm sharp).

The best viewing spot for the fireworks is at VivoCity’s Promenade or at Sentosa looking across at VivoCity. But I’m in neither of the 2 places. Together with a couple of my friends, we positioned ourselves on the boardwalk connecting Habourfront with Sentosa.

This position is chosen is mainly because of crowd…From the usual groups, we know where they will be shooting and majority of them will be stationed at the Sentosa side (we didn’t want to have the SAME shot from over 30+ people) while the 3rd floor of the VivoCity shopping center will be fully occupied as usual (there’s only a couple of very ideal spot up there).

tl;dr: Long story short, we are looking at the fireworks show sideways…

Well, that didn’t turn out to be a bad choice afterall… Because of the wind direction. That evening, the wind is blowing all the smoke towards the Sentosa side. This also means that both VivoCity and Sentosa’s audiences will see alot of smoke throughout the performances. It will become a post processing nightmare for many photographers…

Shortly after the performances, within a couple of hours you can see the Facebook news feed and Flickr filled with fireworks…. and more than a couple from the same shooting angle (framing and pp differs of course..).

As for me, that night, knowing that it’s a working day the following day, I did a very hasty job of processing the fireworks shot and uploaded it…I’m not sure why I did that instead of taking my own sweet time processing it..

Anyway, eventually, I did redo the processing and the resulting picture is as shown in the post. 23 shot panorama blended with 1 shot of fireworks.

There are many fireworks shot in my card, but this particular fireworks shot is selected because of it’s simplicity as like the scene…

That’s it for now…

I hope the planned trip can be executed tomorrow… Last week, it was ‘destroyed’ by a heavy thunderstorm. Let’s hope for better luck tomorrow..