Another mid week post….

Occasionally, I do look back at unprocessed photos that I was too lazy to process back then (either I’m lazy to process those or these were experimental shots I’ve yet to process).

HDR Sunset in the neighbourhood

This above photo is one example.. This was shot exactly 1 week ago. Where I missed the AWESOME light by a couple of minutes as I rushed back home to get my camera and tripod.

Even thou I missed that shot I wanted, I’m not willing to go home empty handed… So I tried to do something I rarely do… HDR Imaging.

The above shot is bracked 0, +1, -1 and merged into HDR using HDR Efex. It’s my first time using this software. Previously, I was using other plugins, but it always looked extremely unnatural. But with this plugin, I was able to have more controls over the picture…

At the moment, this is the best I can do with the software… I will slowly take my time to learn this interesting piece of software.

Now to plan for the coming weekend’s activity…. Nothing so far…