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Thundery Sunrise @ Lower Seletar Reservoir
A failed plan trip lead me to Lower Seletar reservoir shooting sunrise with the thunder clouds.

A group of us met up quite early in the morning for a planned trip, but only to find ourselves caught in a midst of a big thunderstorm covering the whole of Singapore (according to the NEA’s website).

Stuck in the rain and knowing our destination is also covered by the storm, we abandoned the idea of the sunrise shot at the planned location. And went for breakfast…and at the same time thinking of what’s next..

Randomly, a friend came up with the idea of shooting lightning since we saw quite a couple of really nice ones… and after we had our fill, we left for Lower Seletar, which was the closest “scenic” place..

By the time we reached there, the rain had almost stopped… but the “lightning shows” are still going on.

So, needless for words, spot located, tripods up, camera on, shutter released held down… And wait for the “magical “moment to come…

But we should consider ourselves pretty lucky… When we were there, we only manage to witness 2 lighting strikes. *I missed the first one, while still fiddling with my camera settings*

And this is the 2nd one. But I must really say that the position where the lightning strikes can either make/break the composition… But personally, I would say that I’m very lucky to get it to ‘pull across’ where I wanted the lightning to be.

But after this strike, there wasn’t any more lightning occurrence for the next many minutes… thus, ending the short trip..

But throughout the day, skies remained greyish and killing any mood of mine to go out and find other locations to shoot…

But hopefully I get a nice sunrise tomorrow…. It’s been a long time since I’ve last witness a nice sunrise.


Edit: Did a re-do of the photo today(1 day after the post) above… Too overly saturated for my taste.
Thundery Sunrise II