It’s been more than one week since AFA2013, it’s only now that I found enough ‘willpower’ to load up the picture folder for AFA.

The moment I saw the folders, it kinda reminded me of the crowd and how uncomfortable I was when I was shooting then.

But anyway, trying to get over it and I’ve processed a couple of shots and sharing it in this post.5D3_1333




5D3_1712One of the youngest cosplayer I found that day.. There was another one, but I wasn’t quick enough to take a shot before they left.

Something I really got to admit, I need to start learning how to use FLASH. The above are all shot without the use of flash… As like 90% of the shots shot throughout the event.

But since after getting the diffuser, this may change on the next event if I’m going… The following up event will be the L2P (License to Play 2013), but it’s going to be held at the same venue as AFA. Which is the main reason why I may give it a miss…

If there’s any reason to be there, photography isn’t going to be one of it..

As for the common technique I used for shooting portraits by going up close isn’t very helpful in places where space is limited and overcrowded. No matter which angle you are at, there will be heads/shoes/people walking in and out of the frame. At the worst, it will overlap with your subject with some outstanding colors. Never a single moment of peace… unless as mentioned, you corner them to the wall or you shoot from higher or lower position.

Well, I’ll see how it goes when the event draws nearer…. But at the moment, I’m not as excited as like last year…