After buying my flash diffuser yesterday, I was relatively pleased with the test shot. So, I brought it down to the place where I shoot macro the most… Gardens By The Bay (GBTB). *flower macro*

Thou what I normally shoot does not really fall in under true macro, as it’s not 1:1 for most of the shots, but that said, the magnification for those close ups are pretty much close to 1:1 with the 55-250mm + Raynox zoomed in beyond 135mm.

But anyway, something that close up photography and macro photography in common is the use of diffused light to lit the subjects.

In macro, often we will require a very small aperture like f16 to get more things in focus, as such, we will either need more light (flash), or use a slower shutter speed or use a higher ISO.

Usually, using a slower shutter speed is undesirable for things that moves (or can be moved by wind etc) and by using a higher ISO, image quality will be affected by heavy noise.

As such, many people would rather choose using flash or LED lights to light up the subject. But do take note that when using such lights, the light needs to be VERY diffused. Or else you may get pretty harsh shadows or blown highlights (esp so for reflective surfaces).

Before I bought the softbox diffuser, I was using the ineffective omibounce which casts very harsh shadows on my subjects and at the same time blow my highlights into the other end of the galaxy. But since yesterday, I was very excited over the diffuser that I brought it down for a spin the very next day (today).

Here are a couple of what I shot today in a span of about 30mins, before I had to run off to another workshop..




I happen to spot this pair of bugs on the flower.. In this air-conditioned flower dome, it’s actually pretty hard to find bugs…

In the past, I would have kept my flash and shot using ambient + boosting ISO to insane numbers. But now having used the softbox diffuser, I would say that this WILL change the way I photograph macro stuffs from now onwards.

Really loving this great diffuser! In case you are still wondering what/which diffuser I’m referring to…LumiQuest SoftBox III. *I’m not in anyway related/affiliated to LumiQuest.*

Now, I’m looking forward to the next macro trip that I’m still not sure when it will be…