A small macro outing with a couple of friends back in botanic gardens… I didn’t manage to go back to the pond where we spotted alot of bees around the lotus flowers.

So, we were hunting else where in the gardens by the bushes…

My usual setup for insect macro… 500D, 55-250, Raynox 250, YN560III flash (with omibounce diffuer, pretty much very ineffective). The flash is triggered off camera most of the time and most of the shots are handheld (because I need to change the distance of the flash to use the spill light to light up the subject -_-).. So I did encounter some form of instability while trying to focus on the subject.

From the 2 hours of shoot, I only manage to get 2 shots (of the same subject) which I would consider as viewable….. the rest are … out of focus..


IMG_5433It was also after this that I happened to pass by a camera shop and bought a softbox diffuser for the flash..

I’m VERY IMPRESSED with what this softbox diffuser can do. I kinda blame myself for not getting this earlier.Flash Diffuser TestWhen before using the softbox diffuser, the metalic parts of the dial will always be blown. But now it’s nice lighted up…

This really tempts me to try it out tomorrow at the Flower Dome..

I will post up the results if I really did manage to go tomorrow.. Feeling really excited now.

Hope tml morning comes fast enough…