Even thou the it’s stated as old photos, It’s actually not VERY long ago.. Just slightly over 2 years..

It’s the photos I’ve shot back when I was returning from the States to Singapore. 2 years ago, I had great difficulty processing the shots due to my lack of skills to utilize the post processing tools. As such, that time, I left it to Canon’s program Digital Photo Professional (DPP) for the conversion from raw to JPEG without too much editing. And the photos isn’t really very pleasing because of the thick blue atmosphere.

But It’s been a good 2 years where I picked a couple of tricks to deal with such stuffs, and I decided to give it a try again..

*I’m damn glad that I have chose to shot in RAW*






All these are shot out of the small window on the plane heading towards Narita Airport from New Jersey Airport. All on my 500D and EF-S 55-250.

I must say that it’s pretty sharp for a kit zoom. Actually I do know for a fact that this lens can be very sharp. But only when stopped down, but usually the situation that I use it, I will need every single ray of light possible (aka, shooting wide open at high ISO).

While processing this set of photos, I remembered something I really would like to forget, but it’s not going to be possible… I remember that the windows of that plane is DAMN DIRTY AND OILY!!!! Grease spots and stains right in the middle of the window… It’s pretty hard to not frame those stains and grease spots in.

But, nevertheless, it’s an interesting experience to shoot on a plane and on a subject that I’ve never seen in my life before.

This place is definitely on my list of want-to-go… But before this, there are alot of other places in the list…