It’s been another year since the last AFA 2012. I can still remember that last year I was in the midst of the concert listening to one of my favourite singer, LiSA!!!! and fripSide.

But this year, I did not get the tickets to watch their concert. Main reason is because of the concert location. unless one is willing to fork out 2x the price for the VIP seat, else you will be almost standing at the door to watch the concert.

Well anyway, for AFA this year, they have shifted back to Suntec City. This is a VERY SMALL PLACE. Unlike other cosplay events where it’s held outdoors or in places with plenty of space for crowd movement, this suntec convention hall have little maneuver space for crowd. And let alone much clear space for photographers, unless you came early and setup your perimeter.

Well, that said, I didn’t bring along all my strobist stuffs, just a light stand which I did not use till evening and 2 lens walkabout (17-40 and 70-200), and 2 flash in the bag. *I need to start learning how to use my flash… been abusing high ISO and post processing for a long time*

With the limited space, there isn’t much chance to get a clear shot, unless you “corner” them to the wall…

AFA 2013The usual trick of going close up still works… but you need to be even closer now..

AFA 2013
But moving them to the wall may be a good option too

AFA 2013Or start playing with strobes when the sun goes down…

To be honest, the crowd is getting larger as compared to before. Even more photographers than before. If the next event is going to be held in such a small place like Suntec, I’ll probably give it a miss or just make my way there to catch up with my photographer friends. Which for this event, I spent more time chatting than shooting :p *The large amount of crowd really turns off the idea of shooting*

Now to catch some sleep and get ready for work…

I really hope I can clear the 2 batches of photos from the Culturefest and AFA within this week… Another busy weekend is scheduled ahead.