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This post is sorta continuation of my previous post on Medan from my Point and Shoot. But this time, it’s on my DSLR.

To be honest, the weather isn’t quite cooperative during our stay in Medan. It rained (at times very heavily) on most days from late afternoon onwards. Therefore leaving us with a short time frame in the morning for photo shooting.

So being a tourist style shooter on the trip, we had no choice but to keep shooting even during bad cloudy weather because we won’t have time to revisit the place again due to time constraint.

We just have to make do with the limited time frame at every location.
Tongging View (lake toba)One of the rare day where we had a “good” weather at the Sipiso piso waterfall (but facing lake toba). Even when I said good, it rained almost right after we left the waterfall. But during the “good hour”, we moved quickly from point to point to different vantage point to capture the scene as well as the waterfall. *To my surprise, I did not shoot the waterfall scene which I liked alot with my DSLR, so, that shot only lived with the compact camera… in JPEG…*

Mount SinabungOne of the bad days close to 4pm at Gundaling Hill looking at Mount Sinabung (Gunung Sinabung). At 5pm, looking at such a cloudy skies, I know that the sunset at this place will turn pretty bad. Not losing another moment, I just framed and shoot what I can get and hope when we come back again during the sunset hour after our fruit market trip (we spent about 1.5 hour in the market).

Upon return to the Gundaling Hill, it was to what I anticipated… The situation got worse. Getting very cloudy skies is one thing, but the mist has blocked the view of the volcano completely. So I’m left with this shot which I had earlier.

A confession to make for the trip is, after reviewing the photos from both my compact camera and DSLR, I believe I have more pictures I liked on my compact camera than on my DSLR. When reviewing the pictures from the DSLR folders, I only noticed repetitively unnecessary bracketing and pretty similar repetitive scenes with no fresh composition and concept. I really won’t be surprise that I have less than 10 shots from my DSLR which I think I will keep.

I’m still in the midst of processing the pictures and I’m already getting (got) sick of the repetitive shots. Will need a couple more days to get the feeling to re-look at those photos again.

Despite saying that the A650Is is a pretty decent camera, I’m also having thoughts of replacing it with another compact camera… Maybe RX100II, one main reason, it’s the due to the screen. Although the swivel screen on the A650IS is pretty cool and can turn at many angles, forward, backwards etc, but at different angles, it represents the exposure/color differently. Because of that it’s pretty easy to get underexposed images and misrepresentation of contrasts too. post processing on JPEGS is not as flexible as raw where it allowed more error margin.. But this may have to wait out abit longer… due to lack of budget $$$

Now to take a break from looking at the pictures… Hope to resume processing it as soon as possible.