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Finally settling down after a near 3 weeks break from blogging… Been busy with alot of pictures processing and backlogs followed up back to back with my Medan trip last weekend.

For a start, this is actually a very short trip (Saturday afternoon to Tuesday evening). Equipment that was brought along be my usual 5d3, 17-40, 70-200. For a non-standard item, it would be my old Powershot A650IS.

After having brought it out for flowers macro a couple of weeks ago, I was keen to see how well it performed in holiday travels. Which is the key reason why I brought it along for this trip.

The pictures which I’ll be sharing in this post is all from my compact camera A650IS. To a certain extent, I’m relatively pleased with the results it delivered (especially so if you recall that this is a 6 year old point and shoot camera).IMG_1537

This P&S quickly became my favorite camera for the trip…If you work within its boundaries.IMG_1576A couple of reasons why I loved it… The swivel screen. I can easily shoot from waist level without having to squat down or bend down.IMG_1588It’s small…. It will draw alot more attention if I’m using my 5D3 with 70-200 mounted. This is something I don’t like when I’m trying to stay “invisible”
IMG_1629Another shot from waist level while walking behind them to frame the shot. It will be relatively hard to frame it from a camera without a swivel screen.
IMG_1633Another use of the swivel screen. I was on a pavement when I saw the kids playing in the water. But to get to the perspective I wanted, I will have to lower my camera nearer to the water. This will be abit harder to do for my 5D 70200 setup (as I won’t be able to maintain my position for long)

*Actually, up to this point of writing, I’ve only just realized that I’ve only selected the black and white ones for sharing…. To think of it, for a good part of the trip, I shot my photos in this P&S in Black and White only. It was only till later part of the trip where I started to change it back to normal colored. So for the shots you have seen in Black and White, these are shot in B/W.*

So, how does it fare for colored photos… In my opinion, it did ‘OK’ if you don’t pixel peep into everything you do during post processing. But for web resolutions, I would say that it will be good enough.

Lake TobaLake Toba
Lake TobaAnother shot of the Lake Toba from another point.
Sipiso-piso WaterfallSipiso-piso Waterfall.

As mentioned earlier, I’m really pleased with the results that the camera gave me. Considering the age of the camera and processing in Lightroom from JPEGs only.

For some parts of the trip, in particularly, low light, this P&S will start to show it’s age in ISO noise from 400 and above. During then, I will be using my 5D instead.

As proven by lots of photographers, it’s the person behind the camera and not the equipment. But I’ll add on and say that it will be true till you hit the technical limitation of what it can perform. So long as you work within the limits of what the camera can do, you can definitely get the desired results.

But too quickly and too often, amateurs photographers (like me) went for the upgrade of equipment without knowing what their existing equipment can achieve.

Now to think back of my upgrade path from Powershot A650IS > 500D > 5D3 (not forgetting the arsenal of lens), it’s not a very long journey, but the equipment I’ve changed/upgraded is already what some folks can use for a lifetime.

I just hope I can resist those “poisons” when they comes along as I really should believe in my stuffs is already too good for me already.


*All images shared here are processed from JPEGs output from Powershot A650IS in Lightroom