This is the 2nd time I’m attending the Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2013. Last year when I attended the event, I was confused about what’s going on and what will happen next and such.

From last year’s experience, knowing what will happened indeed does help to plan out certain shots better. As in when to shoot, what to shoot. But it’s only the HOW to shoot that is always changing.

Main reason being that humans do move around…(especially photographers and videographers). So the HOW, somewhat does involve working on removing photogs from the scene (thou some are inevitable) and how to compose the scene depending on where you stand (Which at times is out of your control at times due to the space constraints and the path the god’s sedan chair will take).

At the event, you must be sure of your camera settings as there’s hardly any time for you to check your exposure/sharpness etc. It’s shoot and go, run after them and carry on shooting. If you get it overexposed, you won’t get a 2nd chance.

That said, there are still certain scenes that are more “static” but those are mainly from before the Nine Emperor Gods arrived.

From before the event, I’ve just got a couple to share.. while the rest of the photos can be seen over at my facebook album here.

Welcoming the Nine Emperor Gods




You will find more of the during events shots in my FB album, but those shots did not really meet my expectation due to my poor techniques and composing skills. Which I’m still trying to learn.

*Due to some family matters, this is the only photography event I’ve went to this week.

In the coming week, weather permitting, I may want to visit a place in SG which have been in my mind for a couple of months already… a landscape shot.

So, until then, I’ll be hoping for a good weather on my shooting day..