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I should have posted the shots from the Night Festival Redux last night…. But due to some reasons or another… Completely forgot to post it up here…

Sharing another 5 shots…







But to be very honest, I wasn’t very pleased with the results I have for this particular scene. I can’t seem to grab the feel that I wanted….

Will keep on trying… But at the event, it’s hard to compose as wanted..unless you have shot it upteen times and you know the timing and sequence very well…

So one of the better advice by another photographer is, shoot wider.. So to get abit more leeway for cropping to composition..

Think I may want to try that the next time.. Sure sounds very logical, but just that old habits are hard to kick… (get it close..)

No processing of photos tonight… As it’s been a tiring day after a whole day of work… My brains are barely “working”. Under this situation, I think it’s best to go to bed early…

Hope to post more either tomorrow night or on Sunday night… Hopefully it’s the last 1 or 2 post on Redux…