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More images from Redux by Starlight Alchemy at the Singapore Night Festival 2013… Although this event is already over the previous weekend, but I’m still processing the pictures…

Progress have been slow so far… been trying to cope with the work load I’ve left behind last week and at the same time trying to find time to process the picture.

For now, another 5 more from another scene in the performance.






Another 3 more scenes to go…


Just adding in a short technical section here…

Despite using top end gears like 5d3 and 70-200 f2.8 IS II, focusing is still an issue in low light situation like this. so it’s like focus when there’s a chance, spray and pray. Therefore while selecting and processing the pictures, there are many frames that are almost completely black (because the flames didn’t lit up the face when it’s abit further away).

Also, to be honest, I was also fiddling around with my settings when I was shooting throughout the performance. *Did I mention in another post that I’m in Shutter Priority Mode (Tv) most of the time and in evaluative mode*, so those fiddling around is purely with the control of the exposure compensation (ev), by “default”, I’m already in -2 for a “normal” shot, so, if the flames gets stronger, I will dial down more etc. (almost like instinct).


Although I did say that the focusing is an issue, but this is nothing compared to the 2nd week of the night festival by the same performers too… but with LED lights. It’s the first time I really felt so frustrated using the 5d3 and 70-200 combo. I’ve yet to review the photos from that event, but from the small LCD screen, I have yet to see any keepers…

Now, back to work…More to come tomorrow..