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It’s the annual night festival again!

Just 1 year ago, I was covering the event with my 500D with 55-250 and Sigma 17-50 f2.8. And was struggling to get many of the actions shot and using high ISO. During then I was really frustrated during the post processing phase where many of my shots were underexposed even at ISO3200. But thanks to heavy noise reduction, some shots are still decent enough to be shared on Facebook..

Back then I knew that I will be upgrading to either one.. But never did I expect that I would get so poisoned to acquire BOTH (body and lens) the top end gears like 5D mk III and 70-200 f2.8L IS II.

Ever since I have switched to 5Diii. I’ve never once really cared about the ISO during performances and events. I let the ISO go rampant from 3200 to 12800 (I’ve set it as the upper limit).

Here are just a couple of shots (of a particular performance…) I’ve got during the event.









Overall, (looking at the event lineup) I find last year’s performance way better than this year. There were more fast paced action performance, this year, most of the events are relatively slooow. Running in background for the event is also some matching slow music which basically kills my mood for the event…


So, literally, I (and the rest of the photographers) was down to shooting the Fire show (Redux). It’s the ONLY more action packed performance this weekend. And it’s a damn challenging subject.

Reason being, the intensity of the fire in a scene is always changing, so metering will be an issue. The other being, the priority of Fire or the exposure of the face….The 2 don’t play nice with each other…

So, no matter what metering you are using, you will be faced with some form of problems.

So in the end, I picked my ‘poison’, I used Shutter Priority (Tv) and evaluative metering. playing around mainly with the exposure compensation to quickly switch between dark and lighter frames.

Exposing for the flames will mean darkened face, while exposing for facial will result in total blown flames.

Most of the time, I’m trying to balance both… Getting abit of flames and facial details… But usually I result in blown out flames but with abit of facial details (but at times NONE!). Well I’m trying my best… And equipment is definitely not at fault here… But my inability to utilize it. After posting a couple of shots to my Facebook wall, I got some really nice tips on shooting fire…

One of advice which I will try out again in future fire shows is exposure bracketing (meaning +1, 0, -1). maybe more depending on the situation. But something I will really want to try out again if opportunities comes along.

Now to wait for the 2nd week of the night festival… But at this moment, nothing over there really spark my interest.. Will see what I can make do with the situation over there…