For this week, I was ‘chasing’ after the sun when the chance appears.. It’s also a week that I’m playing with some cool features which I always wanted to try on my 5Diii.

It’s the multiple exposure blending. I never managed to get the effect successfully in the past, which is why I ditched it a corner… The problem I always faced back then was the overexposure bit when I stacked 2 image using the additive mode.

But I decided to relook into this feature again. And this time, I kinda get to know how it behaves, but still not completely sure yet. Will need to try a few more times to be sure..

At the moment, I’m still playing with the ‘additive’ mode.Estates
2 shot exposure. 1 before the sunsets (for the skies) and one after the sun sets and the colors of the street lights and headlights of the cars becomes more saturated.

Light to the City
Another scene using 2 shot exposure. First shot was exposed for the sky and the other for the street lights.

Well, not all situations calls for multiple exposure blending… Some are just fine by itself.Stadium Reflection
Single shot RAW – Sunrise Reflections at Stadium

Technical Stuffs

Seems like quite sometime since I’ve last wrote this section.

Most of the shots I’ve shot this week are long exposures… with my 3, 6, 10 stop ND filters. But more frequently used filter is the 10stop B+W ND110. This can really give me reaaaaaal long exposure of up to minutes. I think the longest I’ve shot this time round is 8mins.

This 8 mins gives the moving clouds alot of ‘movement blur’ creating lines in the skies. This can add to the composition of the frame.

But if shooting for multiple exposure, I would expose for the skies only in my first shot. This also will mean that my foreground will likely be underexposed. Which is then later when I exposed for the the city lights and car’s headlights where the foreground is brought “back to life”.

this part requires alot of experimentation and can be time consuming when one does not know exactly how it will turn out to be like. And you know that most part, time is not on our side when chasing after the sun.

Oh, and not forgetting, when doing multiple exposure blending of 2 of the same scene, make sure you DON’T move the tripod, change focal length, focus etc. NOT even a 1mm. Any change to it will give you “double-image”. The only exception is of course when doing creative shots… But I think I will take it a step at a time. Nail the basics first.

And another important thing to note.. when playing with a new feature, it’s important to DO YOUR USUAL THING FIRST. That means, shoot the scene as how you will do as normal. Because, since new feature is always an unknown. It may not turn out well in your attempts in doing so. But at least you have a decent shot for the place.

Upcoming week

For the upcoming week, I may not be able to shoot that much due to a coming reservist. But on the following 2 weekends, there will be the Night Festival. It’s held in the Bras Basah area. This Facebook album is something I’ve shot last year: [click here]. Will be going for one of the session this coming week. But may not be likely to be posting it that weekend as there are some stuffs to prepare before the reservist..

And I just got my new tripod (Sirui N2204 + K10X). It’s much taller than my previous one. When not extended, it’s height hits the MAX my Sirui T1004X can go… I hope this new tripod can get me certain “edge” when I go shooting in residential areas where they have quite ‘high’ railings/walls. *Well, I do have a super clamp, but it MAY not be suitable because sometimes they dont have a railing to mount it on.. This is where the tall tripod comes into play…*

Well, don’t have much chance to be playing with this new tripod for now… Saving it for September then…

Until then.