2 days of public holidays (Hari Raya and National Day) and 2 weekends have just gone past…. Due to a bad cold before the holidays started, I’m not really that active during the whole period.

Just active for 2 days out of the 4…

Changi Boardwalk

On the day 1 of the break (Thursday), I visited Changi Boardwalk. This is one place I always wanted to revisit. I was there once, but the weather conditions weren’t that great, mainly due to the timing we arrive. But after being so long on my mind, I decided to visit this place again.
Changi Boardwalk
I was playing around with my 10 stop ND filter which I’ve rarely used. (f8, 130s)

In fact, that day wasn’t exactly the best day to go out, as it was actually still drizzling when I left for this place. And the skies is totally grayish.. But I’ve told myself that rain or shine, I shall proceed with the shoot. Too many times I have let my inner self had the better of me. Usually, I will go only when the sun is great, hot and bright etc.. But this time, I just went ahead. Well, just got to make do with whatever that is thrown at you. I’m actually still relatively pleased with the results I got for the day.

For the 2nd day, I decided to take a break from shooting… So I went off to buy some materials for my next upcoming macro project…Making a DIY flash diffuser for macro use. I’ve yet to gather enough energy and spirit to do it yet..

Woodlands Waterfront

3rd day… It’s another “rain or shine, I shall proceed” shoot. Gloomy looking weather even thou it’s not raining. I went to another location which I’ve not revisited for 2 years. Woodlands Waterfront
Sunset @ Woodlands Waterfront
Another long exposure shot (f8, 180s)

Initially, the sunset was going to look real bad before I took the above shot. It was totally unappealing and dull in colors due to the thick clouds. But deciding to wait for abit longer did paid off where the colors of the sunset burned thru the thinner layers of clouds giving the colors above.. I was really excited when this scene appeared.

After the sun sets, I heard fireworks! from across. I believe they are still celebrating the Hari Raya. But it was too far for me to capture anything meaningful. I only brought my 17-40 with me. Zooming in also won’t make anything interesting.. But it’s sure nice to see. (But in my opinion, not as nice as Singapore’s National Day fireworks)

A continuation of Day 3..

Usually, after the sunset shoot, I’ll just head for dinner then home.. But I read an article in our local forum about the meteor showers that’s happening from 17th July to 24th Aug. So, I asked my friend abit more about it. And after a small chat, we decided to head to a park where the astro hobbyist are setting up their observation point. And that’s Bishan Park… (Just next door!!)

So, I headed home to grab my 70-200 before heading out to the park. Upon reaching the park, A couple of the astro hobbyist have already setup their telescope. But the direction that the meteor showers are expected is still covered by thick clouds.. but while waiting for the clouds to clear, we shot the other direction…where we have thinner clouds.
Beyond Clouds

Beyond Clouds


Please pardon the poor quality of image, It’s still my first few attempts in astro photography. But after waiting till about 2am, clouds only seem to get thicker and thicker… During this moment, we decided to call it a day and return home (after supper..)

*I swear that I have saw 2 lines streaked across the sky, but only caught with my naked eye*

Hope to have more astro shoot within the coming week..

Day 4 – Suffering from “hangover” effect from the late night sleep…Been resting and processing images after I’ve woke up in the afternoon….

Now, about to get back to reality tomorrow… Need more rest…