The last of the NDP 2013 Rehearsals at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. It’s also the last year that the NDP is held in this place…

As this is the last rehearsal (and a full dressed one) the amount of fireworks is 80% of the actual day (The amount of fireworks increases with each rehearsals, which on  the actual day is 100%). This large amount of fireworks, drew alot more crowd as compared to the previous week…

Last week, we can arrive at 5pm and still find spaces to park our tripods and sit down comfortably and wait for the event to start, but by yesterday’s last rehearsal, you have to be there by 3pm to get the “best” spot. Well, I didn’t arrive that early anyway.. around 4.30pm for me…Could still some spaces in the not-so-ideal shooting position.

*Personally, best spot vs not-so-ideal-spot doesn’t really exists. It all depends on how the photographer compose the scene.*

Here’s my take of the fireworks from the view at The Promenade. The 3rd location (actually, it’s the 4th location, but my first location was a total disaster due to my lack of experience in shooting fireworks…)NDP 2013 Fireworks - Last Rehearsal

Fireworks last week. View from Marina Bay Sands (the ‘ship’ looking like building from the above picture)
NDP 2013 Rehearsals Fireworks

This one is from 2 weeks ago at One Fullerton.
NDP 2013 Rehearsals Fireworks

This will probably be my last fireworks shoot for the year… Since I won’t be shooting the fireworks on the actual National Day… Main reasons being, the amount of crowd……

From last year’s experience.. The amount of crowd will jam up the metro lines, mobile communications line and not forgetting having to stand under the sun for at least 3 hours (Camping on the spot from 3pm till 6pm where the sun is behind the buildings)… Don’t forget the call of nature….If you are alone, you are likely screwed. Leaving the spot means giving up the spot to others. Even if your tripod is there, you would likely be unable to get back to the spot.. (Ugly side of the people there.)

Instead of spending time shooting the above, I would likely be spending time shooting other places which I’m kinda always wanting to shoot..

I’ll consider macro one of the things I would want to shoot too…


Trying to shoot some insect macro… The above was shot on Saturday morning at one of the gardens (Botanic Gardens) with my 500D + 55-250 + Raynox 250. There are some boo boos during the shoot, but definitely I will revisit this topic sometime soon… I have some ideas on what to shoot, but need to spend more time to get it right.

Now I’ll just look forward to the coming Hari Raya Puasa and National Day holiday (Thur and Fri)… A long weekends awaits 🙂 Lots of possibilities…