National Day Parade 2013 (NDP13) is drawing near… And the rehearsals are also about to come to an end…

The upcoming week (3rd Aug, Saturday) is the last of it’s rehearsals before the actual day, 9th August where Singapore celebrates it’s 48th Birthday.

I was down on the field as usual to shoot a couple of the rehearsal performance. But, because I’m not a ticket holder, so I can only shoot those events that happen in the sky and outside the performance ground…

What’s outside the performance grounds are the parachutes jumpers, fighter planes, attack choppers flyby and at night, we will have fireworks..

Here are just a couple of shots I’ve processed…. still got a couple more to process.

The Red Lions
One of the jumpers coming down from the skies…

The usual chinook chopper carrying our Singapore Flag

NDP 2013 Rehearsals Fireworks
Fireworks 🙂

Currently I’ve only just these few to share due to the lack of time this weekend (Shooting and Shooting..)…More picts will be coming along the way this week…